5 Biggest Mistakes Salons & Spas are Making and How You Can Avoid Them

Walk away with specific tools and strategies that will help you avoid those costly mistakes

This live workshop will be held on:
Monday, March 20th at 3:30pm - 5:00pm EST


You know you want to scale your business, but where do you start?

How do you create a business where you're not needed 24/7?

How do you avoid the mistakes I wish someone would've warned me about years ago?

If you're a salon or spa owner and you just don't know what else you can do to keep from burning out, you need to register for this special live event.

I've seen way too many owners throw in the towel and I don't want that to be you. I want you to not only survive, but achieve exponential growth.

It's time to not only stop wearing all those hats in your business but disrupt the mindset of feeling alone and overwhelmed.

During this live workshop, we will be diving deep into the HOW of building a sustainable and profitable beauty business and also how to create an abundant mindset.

Get ready to open up your potential and access the tools you need to take control of your business and personal income and reach the level of success you deserve.


"I’ve seen an Incredible difference since working with Empowering You. I now see a light at the end of the tunnel. Setting goals and keeping my foot on the gas and having accountability led me to a 30.8% increase in the last 6 months."

- Kris Mason
Owner, Mane Therapie Salon & Spa

This event is for you if:

  • You've neglected certain areas of your business and can't seem to catch up

  • You compare yourself to your competition or have self doubt

  • You feel overwhelmed and underpaid

  • You struggle to build the right team. You want motivated, passionate people who will carry your vision forward … yet it can be a challenge to find staff who are willing just to come to work.

  • You've been running your business the same way for years and you need a change
  • You know you need to lead … but you don’t know how to break free from the worker bee mentality.

  • You fear that business-critical things are going to slip through the cracks.

  • You’re working so hard it’s ridiculous … but you’re not getting any traction.

"Attending B School was pivotal for our salons. We began the program not knowing how to move forward with our businesses. During b school we gained resources, insight, and the systems needed to customize our business plan to our personal values, mission, and vision.  When we finished B school, we felt we had the systems and know-how to confidently move our businesses forward. We are still using these systems today to give direction and growth to our team, while gaining the confidence to continue to take on whatever the world brings!"

- Samantha Williams & Breanne Kochmanski
Owners, Bloom Beauty Parlor and Motive Salon

Meet the Expert

Amy Carter

Founder & CEO of Empowering You Consulting | Certified Life Coach

Amy has been a leader in the beauty industry for the past 20 years. Being an Award Winning, million-dollar salon owner, she understands the challenges of today's market.

Her commitment to taking complicated business strategies and simplify them for the industry is her greatest gift. 

Her clients have 10X their businesses working with her and her coaches.  

In her forth coming book, she maps out what you need to do to stay on top of your game in this economy.  

Amy uses her real life experiences to guide you in making the right decision for the times. This is the REAL deal; no concepts or ideas. These are tangible tools to turn your business around now!  It’s time to get the support you need to conquer the current market!  Be in business for yourself not by yourself! 

Reignite your passion and learn how to scale your business to its fullest potential


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