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So when it comes to leadership, it looks like you’re doing some things really well, but other areas could use some work. This is totally normal. Coming from the beauty industry, it’s likely that you haven’t had any formal leadership training, which means you haven’t been given the tools to do your job effectively.

That’s about to change.

First off, props to you for taking this assessment. You’re already ahead of the game compared to most salons and spas out there!

Now, whether you’re the big boss or the manager in the trenches, we get it. Sometimes it’s hard to create plans and systems and to stick to them when things come up day to day. But, it’s totally possible and you’re in the perfect spot to level up.

Being a stellar leader starts with YOU! If you’re not taking care of yourself and laser-focused on the right things, your team and business won’t thrive. But fear not! We created the Emerging Leaders program so that we can train the next generation of beauty business owners and managers on what it actually takes to run a salon or spa (without driving yourself crazy).

We’ll show you how to create healthy boundaries, prioritize tasks, and serve yourself so that you can serve your team. We’ll also show you the essence of leadership. A great leader knows how to delegate, communicate like a pro, and set clear expectations. And when you do it right, your team will be pumped to step up and own their roles.

Based on your assessment, it’s likely that your systems need some work. There are lots of areas that need systems, from operations (how you manage the business side, including numbers and logistics) to management (how you manage the people and culture), your clients (your customer service cycle), and your marketing (how you bring in profits on repeat). Emerging Leaders will help you optimize the systems you’ve already created and to develop new systems that you need to put in place.

Remember, effective leaders don’t just lead; they create more leaders. We’ll teach you to be the ultimate coach and mentor, while also helping you carve out time, attract dream clients, and set boundaries for that elusive work-life balance.

Trust us, being a salon/spa owner or manager shouldn’t feel like a daily dose of stress. It’s all about having a blast and giving you and your team the freedom to shine!

Ready for the next step? Schedule a strategy session with a member of our certified coaching team, and we’ll dive into your current management challenges and plot your blueprint to success.

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