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Let’s Activate Boss Mode!

Congrats, you’re doing pretty well as a leader! Take a moment to really let it sink in how far you’ve come and where you’ve taken your business–yeah, you’ve been crushing it!

So what’s next on your agenda as a fabulous owner or manager?

Chances are, you haven’t had any formal training to manage a beauty business. Like most of us in the industry, we learned from being on the ground floor. But just because we learned by doing, it doesn’t mean that it’s the best way. That’s why we created our Emerging Leaders program to truly take your management skills to the next level.

Look, running a salon or spa is exactly like any other business. But at the same time, it’s not, because we have our own problems and unique people. Emerging Leaders combines formal business leadership training with the particular challenges that come with running salons and spas.

Here’s some of what you’ll learn with Emerging Leaders:

💪 Confidence
Say goodbye to self-doubt and hello to boss-level confidence! We’ll have you strutting your stuff to lead a successful team and a prosperous life in no time.

🥊 Resilience
Managers catch the brunt of client complaints, staff infighting, and management demands, and we’ll teach you to roll with the punches while achieving the results you need.

🤝 Clarity and Connection
Let’s build bridges between owners and technicians and provide them with a clear, effective line of communication, resulting in efficient operations and skyrocketing profits in all sectors of the business.

🌟 Empowerment
Learn to delegate and maintain follow-through on the actions, promises, and moves that will keep your team strong and profits high.

🎯 Performance
With the ABCs of Performance, we’ll show you the methods of evaluating and coaching your team for maximized performance.

🔍 Understanding
We’ll teach you to read your numbers and books like a fortune teller, and reveal to you the secrets they hold when it comes to profit, purchasing, and personnel.

And this is just a portion of what Emerging Leaders covers.

Trust us, being a salon/spa owner or manager shouldn’t feel like a daily dose of stress. It’s all about having a blast and giving you and your team the freedom to shine!

Excited yet? Snag a strategy session with our coaching team so we can figure out the next step for you to crush the leadership game. Let’s chat and see if we can help solve your leadership woes.

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