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We hate to say it, but your leadership skills need a huge touch-up. But don’t sweat it! Recognizing areas for improvement is the first step to greatness. Most people need a lot of improvement when it comes to leadership (as long as they’re being honest when they take this assessment). Because let’s face it, formal leadership training isn’t common in the beauty industry.

In fact, you should feel proud of yourself. By taking the time to complete this assessment, you’re already one step ahead of most salons and spas, including your competition.

If you’re the owner, it’s likely that you haven’t fully let your manager oversee the business… or maybe you do but things are rocky. And if you’re the manager, maybe you haven’t been given the tools or the freedom to do your job well.

Either way, you’re in the right place.

Being a top-notch leader starts with you. If you’re not confident and if you’re not taking care of yourself, then you won’t serve your team or the business well. A good leader delegates, communicates well, and has clear expectations for the team. When led the right way, your team will feel empowered and excited to step up their roles and responsibilities.

Thankfully there are tools that can help with tracking expectations and tasks, from Standard Operation Procedures that you create to actual software that can support you as you’re running the business. We have a proven program called Emerging Leaders that can help support you and give you training, mentorship, and templates on how to create these systems that will run the salon/spa-like clockwork.

Once you’ve created the space and opportunity to operate as a high-level leader, then you can focus on profit. All the day-to-day stuff in not just managing clients but WOWing them. Emerging Leaders will give you profit-minded leadership skills so that you can create a world-class customer service cycle that your team runs on repeat.

Effective leaders don’t just spearhead the team, but they create other leaders and make their team so much better too. We’ll show you how to be the best coach and mentor that you can be AND we’ll help you create time, bring in more clients (ideal ones!), and create healthy boundaries so that you finally have a work-life balance.

Trust us, being a salon/spa owner or manager should not feel like you are drowning every day. It can and should be a lot of FUN. When you learn the leadership tools that we’ll share with you, you’ll not only create freedom for yourself but your team will be happier too.

The next step is to book a strategy session with a member of our team so they can go over your results in detail and help you determine your next steps.

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