Money Maker for Industry


Congratulations on purchasing a Money Maker! This planner will change your life and business as a beauty professional. The biggest thing is to make it a habit so that you are in it day in and day out!

If you purchased the planner online, it should arrive in 1-2 weeks. Please contact us [email protected] if you have any questions.

Take a moment to watch each of the 7 videos below. We recorded them to make sure you have everything you need to integrate this planner into your daily life and to knock your goals out of the park.

The Money Maker System

Take the guesswork out of making the money you want to make.


Get clear about your big dreams and your goals.


Break those big goals into quarterly goals.



Transform those quarterly goals into manageable bite sizes

VIDEO 1: Welcome

Introducing the Money Maker: Your Path to Financial Freedom and Fulfillment. This comprehensive planner is your ticket to building a thriving beauty business while living the life you’ve always dreamed of. More than just a planner, it’s a complete guide to taking action and staying on track. By following its easy-to-implement steps, you’ll become more money-aware and watch your earnings soar. Gone are the days of stress-filled hustle; with the Money Maker, you’ll learn to think, plan, learn, and serve at a whole new level of amazingness. With research showing that written goals increase success rates by 76%, this planner is your key to achieving your dreams. Backed by our effective consulting programs at Empowering You, the Money Maker includes 11 sections and accompanying videos to maximize your results. Ready to take control of your financial future? Let’s dive in together.

VIDEO 2: Owner & Manager Training

You can skip this if you’re not an owner or manager, or watch it anyway! 🙂

Video 2 is for owners and managers, but feel free to watch it anyway! The Money Maker is your team’s roadmap to achieving their dreams and financial goals. As the creator, my mission is simple: to empower you to create a life you love while making the money you deserve. By launching The Money Maker to your team, you’re investing in their success and well-being. Through coaching, accountability, and regular check-ins, you’ll guide your team towards greater productivity and fulfillment. Remember, consistency is key – keep your team motivated with fun contests and regular meetings. Together, let’s move closer to bigger paychecks and a dream life.


Welcome to your first REAL Money Maker training, where we’re diving into one of the sections within Money Maker – Dreams, and how to turn them into reality. As Mary Oliver once said, “Tell me, what is your plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” While I’m not a natural dreamer, I’ve learned the importance of creating a vision for yourself. A vision board is a great tool for this, helping to focus and target your ambitions.

Once your dreams are clear, it’s time to set SMART goals: specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-oriented. For example, if your dream is to buy a car or to pay off student loans, you might set a goal to “save money”. Instead, make your goal SMART by making it something like “save $5,000 for a down payment by September 1st”. With consistent commitment to your goals, you’ll be on your way to living your dream life.

VIDEO 4: Wheel of Life

In pursuit of happiness and success, finding balance is key. Today, we’re introducing the Wheel of Life, a self-assessment tool to gauge satisfaction across various life categories. Evaluate areas like career, finance, health, relationships, and personal growth. From this assessment, prioritize what truly matters to you. Schedule daily activities that bring joy and protect this personal time. Communicate your boundaries to others and seek their support. Remember, achieving balance is an ongoing journey, so periodically reassess and adjust your priorities.

VIDEO 5: Note to Self, Path to Success, Rewards

Now that we’ve discussed goals and balance, let’s focus on three ways to maintain consistency and develop healthy habits. First, write a Note to Self, a loving reminder to stay resilient during challenging times. Next, create a Path to Success by brainstorming strategies to achieve your goals without overthinking. Finally, implement a rewards system to celebrate your progress, with rewards ranging from small treats to larger indulgences. By reinforcing your efforts with positive incentives, you’ll stay motivated and committed to achieving your dreams. 

VIDEO 6: Plan Your Quarter & Break Down Your Week

We’ve covered your SMART goals, and now it’s time to break it down! Instead of overwhelming yourself with trying to tackle everything at once, let’s focus on achievable steps for this quarter. By breaking your goals into 90-day plans, you’ll create momentum and see faster results. Start by setting a motto for the quarter, like “this girl is on fire,” then outline your focus and break it down into actionable steps. Limit yourself to three big goals per quarter to stay focused and effective. And don’t forget to reward yourself when you hit your milestones—it keeps the motivation high and the journey enjoyable.

VIDEO 7: Daily Breakdown & Recap

Today, we’re diving into the crucial steps of tracking your daily and weekly goals, creating your action plan, and reflecting on your progress. By breaking down your SMART goals into daily, weekly, quarterly, and yearly targets, you’ll find greater ease, joy, and success. Start by setting intentions for your days, mapping out your revenue goals, and using tools like the Money Maker planner to track your progress.

Remember, reflection, and recap are essential to staying on track and leveling up your career. Weekly reflections help celebrate successes and identify areas for improvement, keeping you focused and motivated. Whether you’re using the Money Maker individually or with your team, schedule regular check-ins to stay accountable and keep progressing toward your goals. By continuing to take action take action, you’ll see how the Money Maker supports you in creating the life and career you’ve always wanted!

Ready for the next level in your beauty business?

The Money Maker planner is just the beginning of what’s possible for you and your business. Book a call with an Empowering You Coach so we can truly unlock what’s possible for your business. We’ll go over your biggest challenges and create a blueprint for your next steps. Alongside the Money Maker, you’ll truly transform your goals into reality.

Thank you for all the direction you’ve given me, and most of all: the loving support. It has been hard this year for me, but I am proud to say the business’s profits have been better than ever. Last month we hit an all time high for services and our salon retail is over 15%, our salon average service ticket is above $80, and 40% of guests are walking out the door with product. My partner and I get to take home 100% of our service and retail profits. These wins may seem small, but I am super proud. You and your team at Empowering You are something else!

Jaylianne Escobedo

Owner, J and Frank Hair Salon

“I got a lot of clarity and understanding on what I need to do going forward. Knowing what the proper procedures are and setting my business up correctly the first time so that it succeeds without overspending, hiring. Etc. There’s no way I would be where I’m at without the EYC team. Support and having the clarity is the biggest thing to me right now.”

Jeanette Oberlink

Owner, Six One Eight Day Spa

I started to take control of our numbers, our client count, retail sales, and rebooks, but most importantly our mindset. I took my teams weaknesses and strengths as well as my own and went after growth and reaching our financial goals. Our services have increased by 24.29%, change in retail sales by 50.56%, average service ticket increased by 20.37%, and overall our totals have changed by 26.30% in less than a year. My experience with Empowering You has forever changed my life and my salon’s future. My fears of losing my salon, fear of failure, and lack of structure has been restored and encouraged to continue to fight for my success, step out of my confort zone, and have an amazing team with the tools for success.

VaneSa Martinez

Owner, A+ Hair Studio

Empowering You Consulting has completely changed my business and who I am as a leader. My decision to work with Empowering You® has resulted in my salon growing from a small spa to a full-service salon, it has been a dream come true! We have increased our service sales by 66.31% and our retail sales by 433%.

Lindsey Babinec

Owner, Blondie's Salon & Spa