Hello, and welcome to Empowering You! We are delighted to have you partnering with us in making a huge impact in the industry.

We want to make it super easy for you to share with your clients about this VIRTUAL business class.

It’s a win-win-win, because it adds value to your service, Empowering You can reach more salon and spa owners, and most importantly clients get the tools they need to grow their revenue!

Plus, you get to select five (5) of your top clients to receive a special VIP link to get an additional $700 in bonuses. See the links and FAQ below!


Create a Money-Making Machine

(even during a pandemic)

Part 1

MONDAY, OCT. 5TH, 2020 @9:00am EST

  • Confidence business building assessment
  • Social media tips and tricks to drive your ideal clients in the door
  • Learn the top three marketing tactics we all need to be doing right now

Part 2

MONDAY, OCT. 12TH, 2020 @9:00am EST

  • Learn the key ingredients to a profitable business
  • Create a customized roadmap to financial prosperity
  • The #1 thing you can do right now to ramp up your revenue



  • VIP Only – Bonus Mastermiund Training with loveseat coaching on October 19, 2020 at 9:00am
  • VIP Only – Access to Glampreneur Success Online Program
  • VIP Only – $200 off the next B-School for Industry Online
  • VIP Only – Additional money-making tools
  • Digital workbooks to follow along with the trainings
  • A private, 1-on-1 business strategy call with a money mentor coach
  • Bonus money-making tools to reel in more profit
  • Access to the Rockstar Results Consultation system
  • Money-generating assignments to help you implement everything that you learn
  • Plus, unlimited access to the recordings so you can watch over and over again



Send this in email or print out a few copies and use it with your clients in person.


My team has created several handy dandy images that you can use to post on Facebook and Instagram! Click to see the large version of the images below, then save them to your computer, or download directly from Google Drive here.


Who should attend?

Salon and spa owners and managers… and you of course!

What do I do now?

How do I speak about it?

Just let your clients know you have partnered with Empowering You to bring them a must-attend workshop VIRTUALLY. Empowering You brings a community of like-minded beauty business owners along with systems and strategy to help salons and spas profit and owners loving what they do and make money while doing it.

Where do my clients go to learn more?

Just send them to the link below or they can text me at (812) 455-1367.

How does my client purchase a ticket? And how much is it?

Send your clients to: https://www.EmpoweringYouConsulting.com/money-machine/

A ticket is only $47 (valued at $249).

You can also send your best clients a VIP ticket by sending them to https://empoweringyouconsulting.com/money-machine-vip/.

What is the VIP Ticket and who do I give it to?

We wanted your VIP clients to feel super special, so we wanted to give you a chance to give them bonuses. You get to handpick five of your accounts who you think deserve a lil extra love. Those clients who have really been with you for years and continue to invest in their businesses.

Just send them their special link above to get access to their VIP experience. The class is only $47, but they get an extra $700 in goodies!

What do they get from the VIP ticket?

  • A bonus 90-minute mastermind call with me on Monday, October 19th, 2020 at 9am Eastern. We’ll tackle your biggest business challenges and your VIPs will have a chance be part of “loveseat coaching”!
  • $200 off our upcoming B-School for Industry Online workshop
  • Access to our Glampreneur Success Program ($197 value)
  • Access to money-generating tools that we’ll handpick for the VIPs

What’s the agenda and where is it taking place?

We’ll be meeting on Zoom! We’ll send your clients a link before the event, which they’ll use to enter our private virtual event room.

They’ll also get the recording after the live call.

What is my compensation for referring my clients to EYC?

We love writing commission checks to you! We give a 10% referral fee for any client that you refer and takes action. You receive 10% of the ticket price of any workshops and consulting for up to three months.

What do the reps who sell the most tickets get?

Great question! We will be doing three prizes:

First Prize — $500
Second Prize — $300
Third Prize — $150

Can I attend the 2-day workshop as well?

Absolutely! We want you to be a huge part of keeping the momentum going after the class.

Who do I contact if I have any questions?

It’s me! Amy Carter — just text me at (812) 455-1367


Amy Carter’s goals as a coach are simple: to inspire you to become a better leader, to mold you into a smarter business owner, and to help you achieve personal and professional satisfaction. As the owner of one of Indiana’s top salons, she knows what it takes to reinvent a business and train a leadership team that’s invested in long-term success. Amy has turned this knowledge into a passion for coaching, and as Owner & Founder of Empowering You Consulting, she helps salons and spas across the nation every day.

It’s time to let Amy help you expand your client base, increase profits, operate more efficiently, and train a team of leaders so you can gain personal satisfaction from your professional endeavors.

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