Success Kit for Industry

Everything Essential in One Place


“When we needed to close our doors due to COVID-19 I thought this would be the best time to work on all of my policies, procedures and forms. Not more than a week later did the Success Kit for Industry launch and I jumped on it.

This kit has saved me more than just money…it saved me time. Everything I needed to work on or improve is in this kit. All I had to do is download it and change it to work for my company. This is a must have for any business owner wanting to grow and streamline their business practices, policies and procedures!”

David Wenzel

Salon Owner

With Success Kit for Industry, we’ve provided solutions to:

  • Simplify advertising and hiring new positions
  • Master your budget and control costs
  • Set employees on a growth track (and keep them there)
  • Deliver five-star customer service in every situation
  • Streamline employee feedback and evaluations
  • Make onboarding a breeze

It’s time to take charge of your salon or spa, and Success Kit for Industry will outfit you with the scripts, templates and methods you need to get there.

Our Success Kit for Industry is packed with essentials covering everything from beauty business basics to:



A mini business plan to help you focus on your new business or gain perspective on your current salon or spa


Time sheets, key release authorizations and certificates of achievement


Evaluation forms for products, services, employees, assistants and more


Calculators to get your budget, inventory and menu pricing under control


Templates that will help you deal with corrective action plans, resignations and terminations


Mystery Shoppers and other tools to help you keep your customer service level high