Are you passionate about making a difference in the beauty industry?

Our Certified Business Consultants help salon and spa owners, managers, and service providers achieve their next level of success through Empowering You’s proven systems, strategies, and tools. You will be an important ally to every organization who wants to invest in change and improvement and needs help as to where and how.

A successful business consultant has first and foremost a broad knowledge of the many facets of business and market forces on how to make a business profitable. You will also need to possess great problem-solving skills and leadership to provide solutions and recommendations that will increase profitability and efficiency. Background in the beauty industry is a plus, and experience owning a salon or spa is even better!

The goal is to contribute to the clients’ long-lasting success so that our reputation can expand along with our clientele.

We are looking for individuals ready for what’s next for them and who are willing to invest in becoming a Certified Empowering You Consultant.

Who Should Get Certified?


If you’re a successful salon owner, manager or service provider who is passionate about making a difference in the industry and has a solid team in place, this program is for you.

You are looking to be out of the business without the stress of day-to-day responsibilities.

You are looking for a new revenue stream.

You want to challenge yourself to get to the next level.

You are a self-starter.

You love to serve.

You understand that sales is a part of service and success.

You are hungry for education and are a student of the world.

You are willing to invest in your training (yes, there is a financial investment to become certified, but even more than that… the time and willingness to learn).

Why Get Certified With Empowering You?

Our certified consultants start getting back what they put into becoming certified almost immediately. Our training involves real-world strategies and systems that every business needs to implement in order to truly thrive.


Earn extra income

Implement what you learn and make your own salon more successful

Capitalize on your industry knowledge

Learn leadership skills

Inspire other beauty professionals and pass on your success

Take your own paying clients in less than 6 months


Masters Academy + 3-day intensive

Two-day virtual retreat

Shadow lead consultants

Group training calls with industry experts

Six Figure Tribe mentoring and training

Rev Up consulting mentoring and training


Hear from students who have experienced our certification process.

“I love working in the beauty industry. Being the owner, manager & teacher of my salon and spa, I found myself feeling that there was something bigger as a “next step” for me. What became clear to me through my passion for teaching and coaching others was to take what I have learned, build on it, develop it, and share it. Empowering You Consulting has given me the tools and support to do just that. Challenging me to step out of my comfort zone. Building my confidence and my knowledge. Giving me the opportunity to be a coach and consultant that truly supports the success of others in the beauty industry and allowing me to live in my passion!”

Meg King

Business Consultant & Life Coach

“At first I went through the Rev Up Consultant Certification Training to be a better salon owner. As time went by, my true passion became supporting this community and working with the amazing EYC team. The training was challenging yet exciting. I love organization and being able to go at my own pace… this is really how I best thrive. The expectations are high, but I’ve had no problem with it… and I know that’s how an organization best grows and flourishes. I also love supporting a leader I believe in and a team that has each other’s backs. If this sounds like you then I highly recommend taking on this training!”

Kim Gibson

Certified Consultant & Salon Owner

The Deets


  • Trainable
  • Knowledge of diverse business matters such as finances, marketing and HR
  • Tech savvy (Proficiency in MS Office and familiarity with a wide selection of business management tools such as CRM, Google Drive etc. a plus)
  • Outstanding communication and interpersonal skills
  • Analytical mind with excellent data collection and analysis skills
  • Aptitude in creative problem-solving
  • Previous coaching or mentoring experience is a bonus
  • Be exceptionally confident on 1:1 Zoom calls, and group coaching calls
  • Be highly organized, detail-oriented, with a love of developing new systems and processes
  • Be excellent at managing ongoing conversations with multiple people at once
  • Have high emotional intelligence and be able to listen to, support, and encourage others. (1:1 and in a group setting!)
  • Be able to have difficult conversations with clients who need extra support
  • Take direction well and thrive in a high-performing team
  • Be an independent, self-starter who executes tasks on time and with a high level of attention to detail!
  • Have super strong communication skills and willingness to take constructive feedback
  • Be loyal, hardworking, and comfortable in a fast paced small-business environment where priorities can change quickly
  • Be able to travel to live events and trainings
  • Be available to attend weekly Team Meetings
  • We are not a typical Monday-Friday 9am-5pm company, but you need to be able to self-manage your time and schedule and to be available during reasonable business times
  • Want to work from home in your pajamas with an amazing company with a huge mission!


  • Must love dogs 😉
  • Organize and execute business strategies and tools according to client’s needs for their business
  • Leadership and guiding our clients through implementation
  • Meet with clients when needed and perform an initial business assessment
  • Onboard new clients and provided a smooth and supportive onboarding experience
  • Provide a high touch consulting experience for clients in our programs by becoming an expert in our strategies, attend all live coaching calls, tracking their progress, provide strategic feedback and checking in with them
  • Retain existing clients and be able to guide them to the next step in their client journey
  • Collect information about the client’s business through their weekly monthly, income vs expense and retail backbar. Plug their numbers into the Stats by company MONTHLY.
  • Analyze and interpret data to find their weaknesses and problems, and find solutions
  • Formulate recommendations and solutions with attention to a client’s wishes, capabilities and limitations to drive their business forward
  • Co-create a business plan to drive small or radical changes
  • Assist and provide guidance with the client in implementing the plan and help resolve any challenges they are having
  • Sales
     – Hit your quarterly sales goals
     – Advise our existing clients on what’s next for them in our programs
     – Set sales time aside each week to drive business
     – Being social on social


  • Research and staying up to date on the latest industry trends
  • Know our methods and strategies at EYC inside and out
  • Respond to clients questions within 24 hours
  • Having an extreme awareness of who each client is, where they are in the program, their successes and where they may need additional support!
  • Learning all of our programs, lessons, strategies, policies, and decision-making process so you can give expert feedback and support
  • Growing your expertise in our programs, industry, marketing strategies, and client success strategies by spending at least 1 hour per week on personal development
  • Increase clients business by minimum of 10%


  • Invest in your next level and education
  • Play full out
  • Be a leader
  • Take on projects
  • Coach and be coached
  • Answer questions from other team members
  • Handle breakdowns and back to being
  • Set example of leader and coach
  • Be 100% responsible for self and your clients

How to Apply


Record a quick video on why we should consider you for the position. Answer the following questions:

  1. Why do you want to become an Empowering You certified consultant?
  2. What is your experience in the beauty industry?
  3. What do you know about the world of coaching, consulting, and training?
  4. What are you passionate about? What motivates you?
  5. Share with us why you would be a great asset to our team and our customers.
  6. Anything else you want to share with us that would have us say hell yes to you.

Please upload your video to YouTube and make sure the video privacy is set to “unlisted”. (You may also upload it somewhere else, but please make sure we will be able to view it.)

Save the link and include it on your application form in Step 3.


Complete this personality test and review your results. (There’s a question about it on Step 3.)


Complete the application form. Be sure to complete steps 1 and 2 first, as it asks you to include the link to the video portion of your application and to share your quiz results.