Transform The Financial Heart of Your Salon


➤ Are you using scripts proven to get your front desk rebooking more clients?

➤ Is your staff presenting a professional image or are they disorganized, messy, and missing opportunities?

➤ Does your front desk team upsell when the time is right, recovering lost profits for your business?

Fierce Front Desk will change the way you utilize the most overlooked area of your salon. With tips and tactics proven in salons and spas of all sizes, Fierce Front Desk gives you the opportunity to turn your front desk into a profit center staffed by rock stars.

This five-part program teaches the principles of five-star service guaranteed to boost rebooking rates so your chairs stay full, techniques for upsells that will increase retail tickets, and put powerful tools in your service arsenal. If your business needs a cash infusion, Fierce Front Desk is key. If you want to see your staff thrive and watch your accounts go from red to black, you need Fierce Front Desk. If you want to trim the fat and make budgets that allow for exponential growth of your business, Fierce Front Desk is the answer.

“Working with Meg was very beneficial in that she was able to bring back the focus on an area of the business that is often overlooked.. Meg gave us tools to tighten our training process. She helped us come up with scripts and solutions to allow our front desk to be more confident and stay away from missed sales opportunities and weak closings. She kept us on track while holding us accountable.”
Jeanine Fong

Madison Salon, Newport Beach, California

Who will benefit from Fierce Front Desk?

The Front Desk Team who interface directly with customers on an hourly basis. Their managers and supervisors. Owners invested in the long-term success of their salon or spa. Anyone who needs a team to deliver 5-star customer service and wants to see revenue skyrocket.

How does Fierce Front Desk Work?

Fierce Front Desk uses a combination of on-demand videos and supporting workbooks to lay a solid foundation of strategies that will drive growth and improve service for every customer who walks through the door. Video, phone and in-person consultations with certified coaches reinforce Front Desk principles and offer solutions customized to your salon’s needs.

In this course, your front desk team will learn how to:

Get Repeat Customers

Develop powerful customer flow systems that will keep them coming back, again and again.

Hire Star Employees

Hire the RIGHT person to represent your front desk and your brand.

Manage Your Money

Create budgets that TRIM the FAT so you can put money towards the growth of your salon/spa.

Front Desk Training

Create a customized front desk training program that inspires consistency and quality.

Create Systems

Systemize your front desk for sustainable profitability.


Make your front desk a key revenue center for your business.
Fierce Front Desk Options

Choose the path that best fits you and your team.

We also offer on-site consulting. Please contact us at (812) 455-1367 for details.


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