Unleash Your Management Potential and Transform the Way You Approach Managing the People and Resources of Your Salon or Spa

The most exclusive management training offered to beauty professionals today, Emerging Leaders connects you with a certified business coach and a community of leading managers. During two calls each month for 6 months, you’ll discuss ways to expand your skill sets and grow into your new role of management superstar.

In the course of Emerging Leaders, we’ll cover:

  • Methods of setting expectations and holding your team accountable
  • The art of building bridges between owners and salon technicians
  • Team goal setting and tracking
  • Effective delegation
  • Reading your numbers for maximum results
  • The ABCs of Performance
  • Develop marketing strategies that will have an impact now
  • Gain confidence and become a more resilient manager

“Through my experience with Amy Carter’s coaching I have been able to become a more organized and effective manager. I have learned how to support the president of the business, as well as fellow coworkers. Amy has encouraged me to expand my leadership skills which has tremendously improved the business culture and helped to create positive work environment. She has provided us with the tools to grow our bottom line and organize our finances and budgets into a well-oiled machine. Amy has made herself available during difficult employee situations or conflicts to assist me in leading our employees in the right direction. Overall she has supported me in becoming a solid leader and confident manager.”


What Makes EMERGING LEADERS Different?

Emerging Leaders sets itself apart by matching salon and spa managers with an exclusive collection of peers and a certified coach with extensive experience in the beauty industry.

  • Each of our coaches have owned or worked in award-winning salons and spas, so they know the grind and the issues you face
  • We’ve proven our methods in our own salons and spas, so we’re training from a place of experience
  • Our coaches are trained and accredited, and stay sharp by continuing their education
  • We know how to establish a leadership chain of command, create cohesive teams, and sell every member of your team on the culture of success you need in order to thrive

During Emerging Leaders, you’ll grow close with your coach and Masterful Managers class, and build a support network you can call on for years to come. You’ll come to understand what it means to lead and what it means to tap into your team’s potential. This isn’t another twiddle-your-thumbs workshop; it’s an intense experience that will transform the way you approach managing the people and resources of your salon.

Here’s Some of What You’ll Learn with EMERGING LEADERS:


We’ll eliminate self-doubt and instill in you the powerful confidence you need to lead a successful team and a prosperous life.


Managers catch the brunt of client complaints, staff infighting, and management demands, and we’ll teach you to roll with the punches while achieving the results you need.

Clarity and Connection

Building bridges between owners and technicians and providing them with a clear, effective line of communication, resulting in efficient operations and higher profits in all sectors of the business.


Learn to keep your word and follow through on the actions, promises, and moves that will keep your team strong and profits high.


With the ABCs of Performance, we’ll show you the methods of evaluating and coaching your team for maximized performance.


We’ll teach you to read your numbers and books like a fortune teller, and reveal to you the secrets they hold when it comes to profit, purchasing, and personnel.


If you’re wondering if this is right for you, speak with one of our certified coaches to see if you’re a good fit for this elite management program. 

Email us at [email protected] or call us at (812) 455-1367.