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Client Results

"We have increased our revenue over 10%!"

“My coach Meg and the Empowering You® team is continually helping me create the business of my dreams; helping me develop personally so I can be a better leader has taken my salon culture to new levels. From inception to implementation they have helped me map out a continual plan for company growth. We have increased our revenue over 10% and are on target to exceed our revenue goal for the year. If you are serious about intentionally shaping your life and business I highly recommend bringing Empowering You® in to help.”


"We've increased service sales by 66.31% and retail sales by 433%!"

“Empowering You Consulting has completely changed my business and who I am as a leader. My decision to work with Empowering You® has resulted in my salon growing from a small spa to a full-service salon, it has been a dream come true! We have increased our service sales by 66.31% and our retail sales by 433%.”


"Our Visit Was An Eye-Opening Experience..."

“Our visit to Solaris Salon & Spa was an eye-opening experience for our leadership team. It not only pointed out the things that we needed to change and fix, but also allowed us to see the things that we are doing well. We identified 27 things at PuraVida we would like to do better. Some are additions to our current structure and some are simply items we would like to improve upon. We began implementing within a week of our return. We began meeting with our designers one-on-one each week. They have taken to this in a really positive light. We began to provide goals for the designers to reach on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. We identified some pay structure issues and we are currently attacking this head on. Our goal is to implement one step at a time having all 27 items addressed within a 6 month time frame. We don’t want to overwhelm our staff. So far all has been positive!! Cannot thank all of the Solaris staff enough for their great example and their generous interaction with us while we were there.”



“Through my experience with Amy Carter’s coaching I have been able to become a more organized and effective manager. I have learned how to support the president of the business, as well as fellow coworkers. Amy has encouraged me to expand my leadership skills which has tremendously improved the business culture and helped to create positive work environment. She has provided us with the tools to grow our bottom line and organize our finances and budgets into a well-oiled machine. Amy has made herself available during difficult employee situations or conflicts to assist me in leading our employees in the right direction. Overall she has supported me in becoming a solid leader and confident manager.”


"EYC Helped Me Reach 9% Growth This Year!"

“The impact of having the support of Brigette and Empowering You for a salon owner is life changing. I survived a walkout and the economy fallout because of this type of coaching. Brigette helped me reach a 9% growth this past year, and with gross revenue averaging over a $1,000,000 that is not an easy task! It is easy to fall off the wagon. but I can count on her to support me with being the leader and owner that others want to ride along with and give direction to the next level. Brigette lives our world and is relatable to our challenges.”


"240% increase in revenue..."

“One promo we put in place with Empowering You’s help increased my spa totals to 240%!”


"30% growth over last year’s totals!"

“If success in your business is something you strive for… Brigette Sobus is a must.  She has the ability to motivate any visionary to success beyond measure. Brigette’s specialties are making your business goals come to fruition through detailed analysis, coaching and accountability. With an open mind and willingness to trust the process she will grow you and your company to your next best level. We have been having great success and averaging 30% growth over last year’s totals!


"We Couldn't Be Happier with the Value!"

“My business partner and I have been working with Amy for almost two years now, and we couldn’t be happier with her services and our positive results. The tools provided by Amy have helped us to simplify our business and measure our growth. She has given us countless marketing ideas that have contributed to our continued growth. We always look forward to our calls and can honestly see the value in our investment. It’s great to have someone to hold us accountable as owners. Thank you, thank you, Amy!”


"I was spending 12 hours behind the chair..."

“I want to thank you for really helping to guide me through my transition from the crazy busy, exhausted, frazzled, 12 hours behind-the-chair owner to a more focused, organized, goal driven, purposeful leader and owner. It’s not an easy task! I am a work in progress but the past few months have been really awesome. Organizing team meetings, implementing new ideas, rebuilding the bones of my business and seeing and creating a path for my business and my future has been super, but amazingly refreshing. I needed this and am more motivated than ever to do great things this year! So THANK YOU for pushing me to make changes, opening my mind to a different way of thinking, taking me out of my comfort zone, and sharing ideas and information. I truly appreciate it.”


"I couldn't accomplish these things without Empowering You..."

“Amy is the best! She helps me realize things about myself and my surroundings that I’ve been hiding for years.  I always swayed away from having a coach of any sort, don’t think I could accomplish the things I’ve created without her help.”


"One of the best (and easiest) decisions of my life..."

“I am a firm believer that the most important people show up in your life when they are needed the most. For me, this person was Amy Carter. She walked into my life almost two years ago and since I’ve been working with her, both my life and my business have changed. Who am I kidding, before her I didn’t even have a business. I had a bunch of ideas that I started and stopped, kinda half a$$ed and eventually would end up giving up on. Hiring Amy to be my coach has been one of the best (and easiest) decisions of my life. While a lot of Amy’s work has been within the beauty industry, I am one of her clients who isn’t, but has been fortunate enough to reap the same benefits as her industry coaching clients.”


"One of the best things I have ever done for myself!"

“This is my first experience working with a life coach and I honestly couldn’t have chosen a better person.  Working with Amy has been an amazing experience for me. Since starting with her, so many things have changed for the positive. In a short period of time she has really assisted in getting me to become more in tune with myself, focused on task, have structured and get more organized. I’m learning amazing things about myself, my direction in business and my future.  Feeling truly blessed – one of the best things I have ever done for myself.  Thanks Amy Carter you are AMAZING!”


"No more missed sales opportunities!"

“Working with Meg was very beneficial in that she was able to bring back the focus on an area of the business that is often overlooked. Meg gave us tools to tighten our training process. She helped us come up with scripts and solutions to allow our front desk to be more confident and stay away from missed sales opportunities and weak closings. She kept us on track while holding us accountable.”