Welcome to B-School for Industry™

What is B-School for Industry?

B-School for Industry is a live, three-day intensive experience where you’ll learn and implement ironclad business strategies for your salon, spa, beauty or service-based business.

During the three days, you’ll learn:

  • What it takes to succeed as a leader in the industry
  • Sales + Profit strategies (for the entire team!)
  • Easier, more effective new client marketing strategies
  • Client retention magic
  • Super easy cash flow and money management
  • How to create a “Success Culture”

What Makes B-School Different?

This training event is a must-attend for any salon or spa owner/manager that wants to make success and profit the center of your business.

  • We have actually owned or worked in salons or spas (and so many trainers out there have not).
  • We’ve created million dollar and high-revenue salons and spas.
  • Our clients get incredible profit + business breakthroughs.
  • Our coaches are trained, accredited Life Coaches who can actually lead you through your transformation.
  • We know how to mobilize teams to establish clear leadership, create cohesion and get everyone involved in the “Success Culture” (a win for you, your team and your clients!)

We will help you understand what you need to do to become a leader, streamline your front desk, optimize your retail, polish your books and teach you how to tap into your team’s potential.No more stalling out. No more spinning your wheels. We give you our tried and tested breakthrough blueprints and teach you smart, result-based strategies so you can grow, streamline your businesses or scale it big.

Here’s a sample of what you’ll be learning at B-School for Industry:

Your Big Vision

No more hoping. Let us help you get clear on your future and create a plan that leads to real success.

You Financially Free

We’ll help you create a roadmap to financial success by studying your finances and helping you understand what business decisions will impact your bottom line.

Your Marketing Power

Eliminate slow days, keep your books full and service and retail sales high with creative ideas on to market your business.

Your Front Desk Profits

Clear strategies to increase productivity of your front desk and turn it into a profit center.

Your Success Systems

Increase service and retail sales, learn the tips that boost guest satisfaction and improve pre-booking percentages to drive profit through the roof.

Your Power Coaches

Our coaches are successful stylists and salon professionals who took their businesses to the next level, and they’re all here to help YOU reach success.

You Leading

A strong brand needs a strong leader. Discover your true leadership potential and learn ways to build better leaders within your existing team.

Honoring YOU!

How do you enjoy the fruits of your success without giving everything to your business? We’ll show you how to to balance your work and personal time and live the life you desire AND still build profits.

Hear from B-School Attendees:

“You can’t afford to go on in your business without attending B-School.”

“You NEED this course. It teaches you from point A to Z on how to run a salon.”

“If you’re a sales rep, your clients will learn more here than they have in any other program.”

“I’ve learned more in the past 3 days than in 11 years of owning my salon.”

“You can’t get greater value than B-School…I now run my business and my business doesn’t run me.”

“They bring so much knowledge and experience to the table…”

“Gotten more knowledge than with any other class I’ve attended…”

Is B-School Right for YOU?

  • You are looking for ways to uplevel your business, expand, grow your team, or increase ticket sales
  • You’ve lost your vision of where your business is going
  • You feel stressed to the max, that you have no time and like your life is not in balance
  • You’re looking for super simple, proven ways to make your business run more effectively
  • You’re looking for a strong community support system of other like-minded owners
  • You’re ready to learn strategies and systems to put pieces of your business on autopilot
  • You’re ready to learn the numbers and money piece of business (but want it to be easy!)

If you relate to one or more of the above, then our 3-day B-School for Industry™ is a perfect next step to support you in creating your breakthrough!

Your Investment

B-School is only $1997 for the 3-day intensive – plus we have payment plans available. You’ll also be able to bring additional team members at HALF OFF (just $849/person).

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If you have questions, send us an email at [email protected] or call us at 812-455-1367 and we’ll be glad to help you!