This journal-like tracker keeps you on pace to reach your daily, quarterly, and yearly financial goals. Make your dream revenue a reality! Designed specifically for beauty professionals and service providers.


“In the first three months of using the Money Maker, my salon experienced a 22% increase in average retail ticket and a 12% increase in rebooking! That’s an extra $12,000 a year from just 8 stylists, and it’s only been 90 days.

My experience is that the Money Maker has given my team a whole new level of accountability, responsibility, and structure… that they love! They enjoy seeing and knowing their numbers and it gives them something to continuously strive for. We’re loving the Money Maker!”

Kristen Varoli

Salon Owner

This tracker will help you…

  • Be a better leader
  • Give your team ownership to track daily outcomes and meet goals
  • Break down your revenue goals into bite-sized, realistic pieces
  • Make success practical

Bonus: Includes Free Training Course on How to Optimize Using Money Maker

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