Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Empowering You host in-person workshops?

Yes we do, and we love them! We have our 3-day B-School for Industry that we hold 3 times a year and our Elite Beauty Boss Retreat once a year. Plus our Masters Academy has two events every year to help top salons further uplevel their businesses.

Where is the Empowering You team based?

We are coast to coast, but the home office is in Evansville, Indiana.

Does Empowering You offer onsite consulting?

Absolutely, but with the convenience of Zoom we also offer virtual on-sites. It’s a bit more cost-effective for our busy salon & spa business owner clients. 

Does Empowering You work with companies outside the United States?

Yes we do! We also work with salon & spa business owners in Canada and a few lovely islands.

Does Empowering You guarantee specific business results with your programs?

Of course! We typically grow companies by around 30% in just a few months. We guarantee you will walk away smarter, savvier and more confident when it comes to running your salon or spa business. As with anything, you will get out of your investment what you give. By following our proprietary process & doing the work, you have a better chance of reaching these impressive benchmarks.

Does the Empowering You team have salon ownership experience?

Absolutely! 100% of the coaching team are salon or spa owners.

Does Empowering You offer refunds if a client is not happy with their experience in one of your programs?

We do not. We look at it as a concert ticket & guarantee we will blow your socks off. When you work with us and follow our process, success is inevitable.

Does Empowering You work with salon & spa franchise owners or strictly small business owners?

We work with all business models inside the beauty industry: lash bars, medical spas, hair salons, day spas, nail studios, etc. See some of our former clients here.

Do you offer any complimentary or introductory resources for people who want a taste of what Empowering You has to offer?

YES! We have our blog, YouTube and other free challenges and webinars on our website. Salon & spa business owners who are interested in Empowering You’s coaching and services can also book a complimentary strategy session with a member of our team.

How can I connect with your team? 

Salon & spa business owners who are interested in Empowering You’s coaching and services can book a strategy session, during which a member of the team will make recommendations based on each business’ unique problems & desired results. You can also find Empowering You on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.