B-School for Industry™

Next B-School Dates:

August 18th – 20th, 2024
Ft. Lauderdale, FL

November 3rd – 5th, 2024
Dallas, TX

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B-School for Industry is a live, three-day intensive experience where you’ll learn and implement ironclad business strategies for your salon, spa, beauty or service-based business.

We will help you understand what you need to do to become a leader, maximize your front desk, optimize your retail, polish your books and teach you how to tap into your team’s potential. We give you our tried and tested tools and breakthrough blueprints, plus we’ll teach you smart, result-based strategies so you can grow, streamline your business, or scale it big.


This training event is a must-attend for any salon or spa owner/manager that wants to make success and profit the center of your business.

Our team of experts have owned and worked in salons or spas (and so many trainers out there have not.) Our coaches are trained, accredited Life Coaches who can actually lead you through your transformation. We’ve created million dollar and high-revenue salons and spas and our clients get incredible profit and business breakthroughs.

We know how to mobilize teams to establish clear leadership, create cohesion and get everyone involved in the “Success Culture” (a win for you, your team and your clients!)


August 18th – 20th, 2024 in Ft. Lauderdale, FL

November 3rd – 5th, 2024 in Dallas, TX

GOT QUESTIONS? Please contact us at (812) 455-1367 to see if B-School is a good fit for you.

“B-School was a great way to recharge. I’ve been running my business as is and that’s fine. But there’s more I wanted to do. B-School has sparked that fire in me to take a closer look at the numbers and work with each of my staff to get their numbers to where they need to be. Instead of just running even, I’ve realized that we need to amp it up. My staff is excited about that too. It’s helped me define the areas that need to be looked at and to improve in.”

Kathy Eskelson

Owner, Anoka Massage and Pain Relief



You will have the opportunity to meet one-on-one with a coach to go over how to get the most out of the program. This session will ensure that you are fully ready to take in all the amazing strategy that B-School for Industry offers your salon.


All the content of our B-School for Industry entails 3 full days of content, tools, connection opportunities, team work and so much more. After each day, you’ll be given homeplay to work on even when you get back home.


You’ll have a handbook to capture all the work you complete while attending B-School. Plus all the tools and templates to bring back to your salon or spa to use in the “real world”.


Mix and mingle with beauty industry professionals just like you and be able to make connections that last a lifetime. You will also have access to our very own private Facebook Group to have real, raw conversations about any challenges you’re having, how to implement what you’ve learned at B-School, and share your wins.


We’ve blocked out 30 minutes with an Empowering You certified consultant for every attendee so that what you learn at B-School doesn’t stay at B-School. Our coaches will help ensure that what you learn at B-School gets put into action in your actual business.

VIP: A full 60-minute 1:1 session with coach


1) Group Strategy Call with Amy & the Empowering You Team to maximize your B-School experience.

2) A ticket to a future Power Up Your Leadership live workshop or online class – perfect for owners, managers, or team members looking to grow their skill set.

 3) Beauty Business Fundamentals digital training that teaches how to build a strong foundation in your business for long lasting success.

“B-School gives me the tools to empower the next generation.”

“Having that support system is so important, especially as a salon owner.”

Thank you for all the direction you’ve given me, and most of all: the loving support. It has been hard this year for me, but I am proud to say the business’s profits have been better than ever. Last month we hit an all time high for services and our salon retail is over 15%, our salon average service ticket is above $80, and 40% of guests are walking out the door with product. My partner and I get to take home 100% of our service and retail profits. These wins may seem small, but I am super proud. You and your team at Empowering You are something else!

Jaylianne Escobedo

Owner, J and Frank Hair Salon


B-School for Industry is perfect for you if…

You are looking for ways to uplevel your business, expand, grow your team, or increase ticket sales.

You need a “comeback plan” laid out step-by-step by seasoned business owners who have gone through the journey before you.

You’ve lost your vision of where your business is going, especially with current circumstances where business has trickled or completely halted.

You feel stressed to the max, that you have no time and like your life is not in balance.

You’re looking for super simple, proven ways to make your salon or spa run more effectively and systems to put pieces of your business on autopilot.

You’re looking for a strong community support system of other like-minded owners.

You’re ready to learn the numbers and money piece of business (but want it to be easy)!

“B-School has rejuvenated me to stop being in my own way and prepare me to grow in the business. I have figured out what my purpose is and am not giving up in my salon. I am more than grateful for B-School. It has broke down some barriers that I didn’t know were there which made me realize my family is important and I need more time with them.”

Kelly Perkins

Owner, KMP Nails

Hear from B-School Attendees:

“You can’t afford to go on in your business without attending B-School.”

“I’m able to grow as a leader and as a person.”

“My biggest takeaway is that I need to manage the systems, not the people.”

“You NEED this course. It teaches you from point A to Z on how to run a salon.”

“For all the sales reps out there, your clients will learn more here than in any other program.”

“I’ve learned more in the past 3 days than in 11 years of owning my salon.”

“You can’t get greater value than B-School…I now run my business and my business doesn’t run me.”

“They bring so much knowledge and experience to the table…”

“Got more knowledge than with any other class I’ve attended…”