Masters Academy, the new university-style program for salon and spa owners and managers, will light the fuse that leads to explosive profits and unparalleled growth. Using classroom methods and coaching strategies perfected by the coaches and consultants of Empowering You, Masters Academy offers deep learning opportunities in retail and service sales tactics, business management, personnel policies, and insights into how the beauty industry can do business better.

Delivering such a powerful message is no small feat, and Masters Academy is no simple weekend program or learn-at-your-pace recorded lecture. Instead, Masters Academy is a 24-month program that blends live learning events, personalized coaching, and intense actions to challenge the most dedicated beauty professionals to grow their businesses in the right way. It’s a true master class in salon success.

In Masters Academy, take control of:

➤ Planning for Growth
➤ Scheduling and Time Management
➤ Marketing and Social Media
➤ Staff Meetings that Amplify Productivity and Boost Morale
➤ Client Acquisition and Retention
➤ New Technology
➤ Pricing and Cashflow
➤ Managing Technician Skills and Learning Opportunities
➤ Menu Development
➤ Branding and Reputation Maintenance
➤ Strategies that Drive Sales and Service
➤ Client Care and Customer Loyalty
➤ Planning for the Future: Planning for a Profitable Endgame

Take your current salon/spa success and exponentially grow it with our Masters Academy program!


“Masters Academy has been a ton of work, but it forces you to dive deep into your business. I
love having other salon and spa owners in a close network helping each other grow, with no
judgment. The instructors are available to help me through my struggles.

From my work in Masters Academy, I’ve experienced retail sales growth of 18% and overall sales have increased over $165,000!”

Nick Scamuffa

Nicholas Sebastian Salon &Spa


I was the captain down in the engine room making everything work, completely exhausting myself, while the inmates were running the prison! This stopped when I met Empowering You Consulting! By working with EYC, I was able to survive an overnight walk out of 17 people, representing $600,000 (50%) of my gross revenues and still show over 20% growth
for that year!

  • Grew my business in less than two years from 1.1 million to 1.7 million
  • Implemented clearly defined roles and responsibilities
  • Have real management and coaching for all of my leadership team as well as benchmarks and accountability for my staff
  • Removed all the remaining drama and toxicity from our culture!

I am convinced you cannot find a better partner in your business than Amy Carter and the coaches from Empowering You Consulting! This is the only consulting firm that doesn’t cost − it pays!

Robert Govero

Govero Salons


Several years ago I hired Amy Carter of Empowering You to be my consultant. Amy truly has empowered me to reach my vision for my salon. I now have a culture that works, a team that cares for each other, and I’m training the next generation. It has enabled me to get my life back and spend time with my family and friends. I get to come to the salon and do what I love…

Amy always met me where I was, yet challenged me and gave me all support and tools I need to understand and grow my business. I attended all the programs offered to grow as a leader and owner. Since hiring Empowering You, my salon is up 52.31% in service sales, 54.24% up in retail and my average ticket is up 31.87%. At the same time my client count is up 15.69%, which means my salon is working smarter, not harder. It has been the consistent building blocks in working with Amy and Empowering You that has led to this success. Thank you! Kim Gibson

Charm & Company Salons


Salon and spa owners and key managers with an eye on the future will benefit the most from Masters Academy, but every employee in a Masters Academy salon or spa will feel the positive effects of this radical business realignment. Owners and managers who need to grow into stronger leaders will emerge ready for the fight. Salons struggling to survive will become thriving businesses that are the envy of the industry. Any beauty professional who desires constant growth, reliable profits, and a loyal, loving clientele will find themselves in position to seize their destiny.


Masters Academy is more ambitious than other programs as we seek to transform your business over 24 months with incremental changes and personalize attention to the issues you face. It’s no weekend intensive, and it’s not simply a call-in-and-hold-the-line lecture, it’s a dynamic, interactive educational experience created for maximum impact.

In Masters Academy, you will take part in:

  • Three Day Live Retreat in Chicago
  • Two Private Calls with Amy Carter and Susie Carder 
  • 12 Monthly 60-Minute Interactive Training Calls with Amy and Susie
  • 12 Monthly 60-Minute Mastermind Calls Designed to Keep you on a Prosperous Growth Track
  • 12 Monthly 60-Minute Group Calls with your Masters Academy Ambassador, a certified Empowering You Consultant hand-selected for this program
  • An Exclusive Private Facebook Group where you’ll join a Community of Brilliant Business Owners
  • Weekly Videos, Assignments, and Tasks that will help you reshape the way you think, act, and structure your business


When you enroll in Masters Academy, you don’t just join an elite group of beauty professionals, and you don’t just gain access and personalized attention from some of the most sought-after Coaches and Consultants in the beauty industry, you also gain access to the powerful catalog of webinars, leadership intensives and coaching Empowering You offers.


This 3-day live retreat in Chicago is partway through the program so that we can zero in on areas of need that are uncovered during the foundational modules, and we will set you up for success as we perform a brand audit, reset your leadership mindset, and look at your salon or spa holistically. The Empowering You Team will be on hand to guide you through all the lessons and together we’ll lay a firm foundation for your continued transformation. Amy Carter, Susie Carder, and other renowned industry figures and subject area experts will deliver empowering messages and issue challenges to strengthen your business to the core.

Month 1

Sales Goals, Your Average Ticket, Time Management

Month 2

Marketing Plan, Social Media Promotions, Contests and Engagement

Month 3

Recruitment Strategies, Onboarding New Team Members, Team Building Events and Education

Month 4

Productivity, Expectations and Goals, Coaching Up Low Performers, Rethinking The Staff Meeting

Month 5

Technology and Tools, Profits and Loss, Planning for Profit

Month 6

Cashflow, Menu Construction, Pricing, Staff Incentives and Advancement

Month 7

Increasing Sales, Strategizing with Team Members and Team Member Goal Setting, FAST Money, Strategies to Double Sales

Month 8

Using Monthly Trackers to Read Your Numbers, Coaching and Evaluating Your Team

Month 9

Delivering Tough Talks to Your Team, Focus on Retail

Month 10

Client Care and WOWing Your Guests, Maximize Front Desk Results, Secret Shopping

Month 11

Implementation: Staying in Action, Create Next Year Plan, Follow the System

Month 12

Celebration and Success, Wins, Acknowledgment

Year Two: Elite

Year Two is invite-only, and will build on these lessons and more to prompt growth, strengthen all elements of your salon or spa, and push you to discover new insights into your own business.

Masters Academy members receive a 50% discount on all programs offered by Empowering You during your enrollment, allowing you to cost-effectively groom your staff for leadership roles within your growing business empire.

Or if you’re ready now, view your investment options below:

Payment Plan

  • 13 payments of $797 per month
  • Bring a manager or team member for only $3500
Questions? Please contact us at (812) 455-1367 for details.