fierce front desk: HOW TO GET YOUR TEAM PREPARED

Thank you for enrolling your team into Fierce Front Desk!

Please watch the video below  on how to get your team started, how the program works, and what to do next.

We want you to feel good about what your team is learning so we will give you access to the program as well.

Please watch the videos and support your team on the homeplay and that they are implementing what they are learning. 

We have learned that assigning accountability buddies work!

So If you do have a few team members going through it at the same time, have them buddy up to hold each other accountable to the implementation.

Contact us if you have any questions…

Meg King

(610) 416-7045

Kim Gibson

Amy Carter

(812) 455-1367

Ashley Mitchell

(346) 577-6299

David Wenzel

Vanesa Martinez

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