Glampreneur Success

If you’re just getting started or feel you’re super strapped for time, enroll in our Glampreneur Success online training and transform your money + biz + life.

In this 6-module course, you’ll learn how to:

➤ Double your daily revenue with tips to help you manage money more effectively – eliminate waste and identify opportunities to increase cash flowing into the salon.

➤ Create a more positive mindset by learning our seven rules that will free you from negative thinking!

➤ Discover quick strategies to growing profits, increase your client load, their frequency of visits and average ticket.

➤ How to inspire your team to bring their best by leading as your best self.

➤ Get super clear on your future, your business and your team.

➤ Read your key performance indicators and use them to develop a set of goals that will drive your profits sky high.

➤ Learn a new way to look at time and better manage the hours you give your clients.

➤ Create a Rockstar Culture (so people can’t wait to come back and your team LOVES working for you!)

Take your first step toward a more successful future with our Glampreneur Success program!

ONLY $199