Let’s Partner Together

Our commitment is to strengthen each of your accounts’ purchasing power while creating long-term business growth. We’ll help raise the average order size of your clients, create client loyalty, and increase your team’s market potential through training and tools for salon & spa owners.


What we do

Empowering You Consulting supports salon & spa owners and service providers in building a business and life they love while scaling to 6 and 7 figures.

No matter the size of the beauty business, we know your clients can be making more money than they currently do (and have a lot more fun while doing it). At Empowering You Consulting, we can help them do this with true ease and confidence. We provide specific education, consulting, and action steps for any level of the beauty business. We’ll put your clients on the road to building a profitable, sustainable company the smart way…the way that doesn’t burn them out or leave them feeling like they’ve been hit by a truck.

what to expect

Happy Salon and Spa Owners will do more business with you. It’s a win-win-win.
  • Your clients will have their business refined, completely clear and figured out, and it will be a place that they love working at each day and are passionate about growing.
  • They will finally be confident in knowing that they are working on the right things, and set goals and actually do them. They’ll be consistent AF.
  • We will bring them clarity on product, service, leadership, systems, business model, and marketing that’s profitable.
  • Their businesses will attract the right clients using a scalable marketing plan that is actually working and bringing new ideal clients every month.
  • They will work on their strengths, how to build and manage teams, and how to stop doing busy work that they don’t need to be doing.
  • They will have a sustainable business model that they can scale to millions without exhausting in the process.


We deliver one-of-a-kind learning experiences and transform salons & spas to scale their busineses, make more profit, and sell more retail.
  • Results-oriented consulting (we’re not just motivational fluff)
  • Successful salon & spa owners speaking to owners
  • High-impact leadership training
  • Simple yet impactful tools that are cutting-edge and applicable for today’s modern salon
  • Certified Coaches through International Coaching Federation (ICF) & our RevUp Certification Program
  • Programs available at every level/budget for owners and service providers
  • Committed to solidifying the relationship between your company and your client accounts. Our loyalty is to YOU.

What Clients Are Saying…


“By having real systems in place I was able to take a week vacation with my family and know that my team and my salon would survive all while having a 94% increase in the company.”

Rhysa A.


“This year so far we’ve seen over a 20% increase in service sales and an over 80% increase in retail sales. Plus our retention rate is at an all time high!”

Jen C.


“Ridiculous results with my open house on Black Friday. We sold over $50k in gift cards and over $6k in retail!”

Valary B.


“I made my first recruiting flyer and got 5 responses, 3 resumes, and 2 hires!”

Brigette B.

Ways we can partner

We have a number of training programs that can help you retain customers and team members who recognize and appreciate growing their businesses both personally and professionally. Some examples of how we can partner are below, but we can always customize a number of educational resources to make it a win-win.

Refer & Earn

We have a number of programs and live workshops proven to help salon and spa owners grow. When they make more, you make more, so it’s a win-win-win.



We have highly sought-after masterclasses that deliver both new and fundamental business strategies specifically catered to salons and spas. Some of our topics include:

  • Leadership & Management Skills
  • Recruiting 101: How to Attract, Engage, & Retain a Great Team
  • Team Culture, Motivation, & Delegation
  • Self Care & Stopping the Burnout
  • Creating Systems – aka your Money-Making Machine
  • Pricing and Charging Your Worth
  • Scaling to 6 or 7 Figures
  • How to Make More Money with a Killer Consultation
  • Rockstar Upselling – Boost Your Average Ticket
  • Marketing, Sales, and Social Media


Our team members are experienced speakers who can train your clients in person on the business side of beauty. We can cover any one of the topics listed above or customize an experience specifically catered to your client base. At the end of the day, we can help your clients make more money. In turn, they will spend more money with you.


    Our Leadership

    Hi, I’m Amy

    2x Seven-figure CEO
    Certified Trainer
    Keynote Speaker

    I’m a beauty industry expert, salon owner, entrepreneur, moneymaker, and game-changer obsessed with empowering other salon & spa owners and business leaders.

    See Amy in Action


    What PARTNERS Are Saying…


     “When it comes to leading salon businesses, Amy Carter has the decorum it takes. Her years of industry experience in business coaching, consulting, and leadership make Amy a valuable leader and welcome in the finest salons in North America. She is by far the best consultant any beauty business could ask for when it comes to growing revenue.”

    Amy with Wella


    “Amy is an exceptional speaker who truly knows how to captivate her audience. Her dynamic and fun personality not only engages the crowd but leaves them inspired and motivated. What sets Amy apart is her authenticity; she doesn’t just talk the talk, she provides real solutions that resonate with her audience. I highly recommend Amy as a speaker for any event where you want to leave a lasting impact.”

    Robert with Meevo

    Partner with Empowering You

    We will make your clients your raving fans by turning their beauty businesses more profitable through our education programs.