We Coach Salon, Spa and Service-Based Professionals to Create Extraordinary Business Breakthroughs.

Behind every great breakthrough is a coach, mentor or guide helping you navigate and transform. We know the INDUSTRY. We know how demanding (and incredibly rewarding) the life of an entrepreneur can be. And we also know what it means to achieve incredible success AND balance. The only thing holding you back from your dream life + business is what you know about how you must achieve it and what you must do.

If you could have created the breakthrough on your own, you would have already done it. So let us help you. All of our leadership and life coaches are accredited and have demonstrated their knowledge through success of their own.

If you want to see if this is right for you, apply for a complimentary 30-minute Strategy Session with an Empowering You® Coach:

“Through my experience with Amy Carter’s coaching I have been able to become a more organized and effective manager. I have learned how to support the president of the business, as well as fellow coworkers. Amy has encouraged me to expand my leadership skills which has tremendously improved the business culture and helped to create positive work environment. She has provided us with the tools to grow our bottom line and organize our finances and budgets into a well-oiled machine. Amy has made herself available during difficult employee situations or conflicts to assist me in leading our employees in the right direction. Overall she has supported me in becoming a solid leader and confident manager.”


Have you ever felt like this?

  • Exhausted from pulling 40+ hour weeks? (You might even be on the verge of burnout!)
  • Going crazy because you feel like your business has completely taken over your life?
  • Craving a big breakthrough in your business?
  • Frustrated because you feel like you’re spinning your wheels in your business?
  • Having trouble getting focused?
  • Unsure about what to do next to grow your salon or spa?
  • Finding it hard to track your numbers?
  • Create new systems but they don’t work?

Then let us challenge you to think, be and do differently.
Let us help you create the breakthrough you crave.


We’ll help you tap into your potential and expose your greatness. It’s time that you get incredibly focused on the things that matter – how to balance creating a successful business while living a fulfilled life. We’ll move you powerfully toward your passion and purpose by discovering your Zone of Genius. And we’ll also help you develop a Velocity Plan to give you the exact steps you need to take to transform your business + life.

How to know you’re ready for Breakthrough Coaching…

  • You take absolute responsibility for your life.
  • You’re generally positive.
  • You have a “take charge” attitude about life.
  • You’re committed to your goals.
  • You’re ready to get organized and create a better flow in your business.
  • You want to learn manage your time better (so your business doesn’t run your life!)
  • You’re looking for ways to reduce your stress load (and learn how to delegate)
  • You’re super committed to achieving the goals you set for yourself and your business

Who should not apply for breakthrough coaching right now?

  • You make excuses for the problems you’re having.
  • You can’t take direction.
  • You’re not really interested in growing yourself as a leader, expanding your business, or making more money.
  • You enjoy being stuck in the chaos of life.
  • You’re ok with being unhappy and unsatisfied.

If you’re ready to take the next step, request a 30-minute Strategy Session with one of our Certified Coaches.


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