Rockstar Management Tools Bundle

Ever wish someone could just give you the manual on how to train your team or write your employee handbook? We just did it for you! In our Rockstar Management Tools Bundle you’ll get a copy of our Assistant Training Manual AND our Employee Handbook. These are templates that you can customize to your own business. Don’t spend time recreating the wheel–get your team on the same page and lead “like a boss!”

Here’s a breakdown of what’s included:

Assistant Training Manual (42 pages)

How do I train a new staff member? What timeline should I use? How will I pay them? Who will supervise? These questions and more are outlined in this clear, easy-to-duplicate system for taking on new assistants and training them to become full time “successful” producers. The question on most owner’s minds, How do I create a training program when I am already so busy? There’s no reason for you to spend any more time thinking about it, talking about it, or worrying about it. This program was designed to implement NOW! So download the program, personalize it, and let’s level up your staff with the Assistant Training Program with your staff today.

Employee Handbook (29 pages)

Every company needs to set clear standards and expectations for their business to run successfully. Every new employee wants and needs to know what the company expects of them as well as the details of the business, hours of operation, vacation, health benefits, rules and regulations etc. This is a comprehensive and fully customizable handbook that allows you to personalize your company’s Employee Handbook. Take out the benefits you don’t offer (as of yet) and add in your company’s personal identity (ie. mission statement, vision, values, history, etc.). This handbook is set up for you to download, personalize and put into action right away.

Get Your Rockstar Management Tools Bundle today for only $297!