Thank your customers – A simple thank you goes a long way. Thoughtful and unexpected thank you notes can be sent after client’s appointments, after a major purchase of retail or just to say thank you and to show how much you appreciate their business. Reminder, e-mailing may be quick and easy, however you can make a better impression by sending a note in the mail that is hand addressed and signed.
Remember special dates – To WOW your clients, remember their special dates. Send them a Happy Birthday card with a special personal note along with a gift card for a complimentary service. There is nothing like someone remembering your birthday!
Small Gifts – Offer a free gift to your loyal clients for no reason at all other than for being a loyal customer. Start your very own salon/spa rewards program that gives clients credits for service and retail purchases. This will encourage them to purchase more, but also shows them you want to provide them with extra value.
Acknowledge Inconveniences – We do not live in a perfect world and there are times when you will inconvenience your client. Weather its due to their service provider being out sick, or us making a booking mistake. Send a simple apology note to your clients when the unfortunate arises. Acknowledge that you are sorry for the inconvenience and that you do value their time and business. Clients will be more forgiving when we acknowledge that we have unconvinced them.
Often when business are creating client appreciations programs they tend to make them too complicated, not interesting enough to show clients true value; in other words these programs make the clients have to work for their reward. Let’s not forget these clients are spending their hard earned money in your salons/spas on a weekly, monthly, and yearly basis. – They have already had to work hard once. Let’s truly show we appreciate them.