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You can admit it: some days it’s difficult to prioritize. Especially when everything is important. And if you’re like most people, when you get into this situation, you freeze up, you get stuck, you don’t quite know how to move forward.


Want to know a great way to move forward? With the help of a Life Coach.


What is a Life Coach, though? A Life Coach is simply someone who helps people take charge of, improve, and grow in their lives. Life Coaches can help you identify a goal, set a concrete plan and move to achieve it. They can also help you:

  • Get organized
  • Manage time better
  • Reduce the stress you’re feeling
  • Achieve a goal


Life Coaches with Empowering You Consulting do a detailed initial session with you to determine the areas where you’d like to focus, but also to assess other needs you may be overlooking. Under their trained eye and honest, experience-based advice, you’ll grow quickly under your Life Coach.


Why hire a Life Coach?

  1. Guidance. Your Life Coach will help guide you toward achieving your goals and dreams, achieve an awesome work/life balance, and help you build a life you love. 

  2. Reduce Stress. Life Coaches will help you deal with frustrations and stressors in your work and home life and equip you with strategies and ideas that help resolve stressful situations before they get started. 
  3. Knowledge. Your Life Coach knows you—they know your goals and dreams, strengths and weaknesses—and can help guide you in identifying the right path to achieve your dreams. 

  4. Opportunities. Since your Life Coach knows you so well, they will help spot opportunities to achieve goals, overcome obstacles, grow in a positive direction and strengthen your skills.


Beyond that, Life Coaches spend a lot of time thinking about you. They listen to what you have to say about your work, your goals and dreams and the plans you have to achieve them, and your personal life; then they work with you to develop action and accountability plans to hold you to accountable to reach your goals.


Since coaching is a partnership, at Empowering You Consulting, we take the time to match you up with coach who best suits your situation. You’ll be working with them to evaluate decisions and opportunities, develop strategies that put your goals within reach, and move forward.