Set Goals – Goals provide us with a general direction for our lives.  Begin by dividing your goals into three main areas – personal, professional, and financial.

Clarify Objectives – Setting objectives for our goals will assist not only accomplishing our goals, it will help us crate priority –  a timeline for today, tomorrow, next week, next month, etc.

Prioritize – Decide what is important to accomplish today.  Break your goals down by immediate goals and long term goals. List your goals in the order of importance. Think of three big rocks each day. Then focus on the pebbles. Sometimes we just like to focus on the pebbles. But it is the big rocks that weigh you down.

Plan Your Time – Create your plan.  Remember, to schedule important tasks during your peak performance hours.  Have everything on one calendar.

Create your “TODO” List – Once you have created a plan of action for your day.  Create your “TODO” List – I suggest you create your list every night before you go to bed.  As you accomplish your tasks during your day, make sure you cross them off of your list.  This will serve as two purposes.  It will give you a great feeling of accomplishment toward meeting your goals, as well as, it will serve as a friendly reminder that you will transfer any unaccomplished tasks to your next days “TODO” List.

Let’s take a look at some common reasons why we do not complete our “TODO” List:

Interruptions – As Salon/Spa Owners we find ourselves constantly being interrupted.  These interruptions can be very difficult to control.  We must learn to say “no”.  We must be comfortable telling our team members/outside people that we will need to talk with them later.   Communicate with your team when you need time in the office with no distractions unless it is a 911 emergency. They will understand.

Procrastination – Get out of the habit saying “I’ll do it tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow”.  We find that procrastination is often do to us not knowing how to begin the process or a fear of failure.  We suggest you begin with the most difficult of tasks first and finish with the easier ones.  Remember, there is not time like the present. Take care of those three rocks now! Pebbles can wait.

If you are still finding that you are not able to accomplish all tasks on your “TODO” List then perhaps it’s time to:

Set up a great training program so you can duplicate yourself. If you say you don’t have time to train your staff, you’ll be doing their job for them and then you’ll have even less time.


Delegate — Remember, you are only one person doing often many, many jobs or task.  You might want to consider setting up a Management Team. Such as a Salon/Spa Coordinator, Director of Education, Accountant, and Marketing/Advertising expert.  Don’t try and do everything yourself. There is nothing better than to duplicate yourself. It will make your life so much easier. Trust and delegate!

Seek Help from the Experts — Remember, help is available.  Take advantage of outside guidance and direction from Salon/Spa Professionals.  

The key to effective time management is simply organization and structure. You will find that you are much more productive in your professional and personal lives by taking the time to manage your business and your personal lives rather than them running you.