Action Plans are the number one secret to effective goal setting.

Achieving your goals doesn’t require brilliance or talent.  It does, however, require determination, and a realistic Action Plan.  Through affective planning and developing realistic Action Plans for each or your goals we can break down the unattainable into an attainable reality.

Success Steps to create Action Plans:

A = Accountable – Action Plans help us hold ourselves accountable to the goals we have set out to achieve in our business or personal lives.

C= Clarify your goals – What does the desired outcome look like?  How will you know if you have reached your goal?  Create Action Steps that you need to take to achieve your goals.

T= Timeline – Set deadlines for your goals.  Prioritize key actions that must be achieved first.      Arrange your action steps into sequence of order.

I=Identify Needs – Identify outside resources to support you in achieving your goals (People, Organizations and/or Groups).

O=Obstacles – Identify any obstacles that may get in your way of achieving your goals.

N=Navigate – Utilize your Action Plan on a daily, weekly, monthly basis to help you navigate through your activities that must be completed to assist you in achieving your goals.

Creating effective Action Plans require not only discipline, but good planning tools.

If you’re going to do the job right, you’ve got to have the right tools.  There are many different resources available to support you in developing effective Action Plans.  From pre-created hard copy forms, downloadable software for your PC to mobile apps for your Smartphone’s.

The key to remember is that Action Plans Make GOALS happen!