This contest is designed to maximize each individual stylists time they are spending with their guests.  Through adding on services, they are increasing their Average service ticket, building customer loyalty and increasing the chance to sell home care to the guest!

Market it throughout the salon:When you are doing any promotion for your team and customers it is always key to post it throughout the salon. Examples would be in bathroom mirrors, station mirrors, at check in and where the guest sit to process their hair color and in your monthly newsletters to your guest. You can take the 30% off image from the email and print at any photo center.

Get everyone involved! It takes everyone to make this promotion work, including your front desk. Set daily goals with your team of how much more money they want to make for the day, how much they need to add on and look at the  book of where they can add on additional services. The front desk will need daily goals of how many services they add on for the team as well.

Begin by creating a word or excel document to track the day to day up selling for all of your employees. Put this sheet at your front desk where it is accessible to everyone. Remind your team that honesty is key! No cheating. Here is an example that was created in excel.


Mon Tue Wed Thur
Fri Sat

Then, create another tracking form on a poster board or flip chart.  This you will need to post in your employee break room or wherever the team gathers on a daily basis.  This should be done on the salons first business day of the week.  Here is an example below.



Up Selling Contest Results!
Week 1 Week 2
Week 3
Week 4


Give your team a series of scripts for adding on additional services so they feel comfortable and confident in the process.  Again, this is designed to carry over after the contest is complete. Role play with your team! This will make them feel more comfortable with the scripts.

Salon Support Staff on Phone:

“Would you like to schedule any additional services today?”

“Would you like to add a manicure or a pedicure during your hair color processing time,”

“We have availability for massage before and after your haircut today, I would love to schedule a time that works best for you”

“Can I add on a brow shaping to your scheduled service?”

Salon Support Staff Greeting Guests:

“I will let Janet know you are here, I wanted to let you know that we do have availability for a massage after your service , can I schedule that for you”

“Janet did get a cancellation today, would you like to add on a hair color to  your  haircut today?

Service Providers with Guests:

“I know you are down for a haircut, I would love to introduce you to our customer
hair color, let’s take a moment to discuss any of your potential hair color needs.
“I have time while you’re hair color is processing to give you a manicure, can I get that started for you?

“I would love offer you a customized brow shape to compliment your look today”

Track your results and celebrate! Have fun prizes at the end of the contest for your front desk and service providers. Make it fun and a celebration.

Good luck! We want to hear from you! Go to our facebook page and share with us your successes of the contest.