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Every salon or spa has its busy months and then its slow months! It’s simply a part of doing business! 

The question is: What can you do help avoid those dreaded slow months? How about creating some effective salon/spa promotions to drive business and dollars into your salon/spa. 


You are no stranger to the concept of promotions. Promotions are all about creating leads and bringing in more revenue. We can’t think of a more appropriate plan of action to avoiding those slow months and generate additional revenue than by creating and offering your current and potential new customers powerful promotions, which will keep them coming back for more!   


More than likely you have had some success and some failures when it comes to running a promotion. The challenge isn’t that we aren’t offering our guests promotions–no, the challenge is our promotions aren’t successful! The challenge is how we are constructing them, there is a method to the promotion madness. 


Follow these simple steps to ensure your next promotion is a huge success!

  • Identify Your Target Market
  • Define Goals for Promotion
  • Create your Promotion
  • Create your Message
  • Implementation
  • Track Results

It’s important to remember this, just as anything else we are successful with we have to have a system in place. If we want to be successful we need to set ourselves and/or our salon/spas up for success. When we have a strong promotional plan in place we will see results that will generate increased revenue to the salon/spa.