As Salon/Spa owners, managers, and/or directors we all have one thing in common and that is to create a winning team.  The challenge is how do we create a winning team or perhaps it’s how do I coach my team to become a winning team.  The answer is this simple C.O.A.C.H. your team to success!!!!!! 

 CARE: We've got to genuinely care for our team members' success     

You may be thinking, well of course I care!  However, our teams perception might be quite different.  When team members are asked “do you feel your owner, manager or director personally cares about your success”.  We hear the response “NO, sure they care about the success of the salon.”

So, how do we change this perception?  Well it begins by us actually caring about the success of our team members, and in turn our business will have great success too. 

We can genuinely care about our team by : Ask open ended questions that engage team members in conversation.  We often  get caught up in the day to day,  so try scheduling  some one on one time into your calendar to make sure you  engage team members with questions about their life, any challenges they faced and  make it known that their personal success is important to you.  Other ways you can show team members that you care about them personally is to remember special days like birthdays, anniversaries and other special holidays.

OPPORTUNISTIC:  Help your team to leverage their talents and skills for more opportunities

Our industry is faced with the 3 -5 year burnout.  Part of coaching your team member’s to success is to continue to build new and exciting opportunities for their future in your company.   

Every three or four months do a 30-45 minute sit down performance review and ask your team members how they are doing.  During this meeting try to uncover what they really like to do and then look for opportunities in our company for them to do more of those types of activities that they really enjoy.

 A great coach seeks out opportunities and shares ideas to move a team member beyond where they're at today.   This will be a sure way to prevent burnout!