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One sure way to inspire your team to greatness is by creating an inspiring culture for your team to grow and thrive within!


Your salon/spa’s culture is the values and practices shared by your team. Your culture is important because it can make or break your salon/spa. Statistics show that companies with adaptive cultures that are aligned to their overall business goals will outperform their competitors. Some studies report the difference as much as 200% or more!


As an example, when you hear the brands/companies such as Starbucks, Apple, Google or Southwest Airlines what comes to mind? More than likely you can instantly identify their brand, their culture. These companies live within a strong business culture and all team members are in alignment with these cultures and live and operate daily within these cultures. These strong cultures allow these companies to inspire their teams to greatness.   


Before you can change your salon/spa’s culture, you have to decide what you want your company’s culture to look like. A great starting point is to review your salon/spas Mission, Vision and Values. Once you have identified those 3 key elements you need to make certain that your culture supports them. 


The next step is make certain that you align your culture with team members. Everyone on your team should have a clear vision on your culture, they possess the skill sets needed to live within your culture and more importantly they take ownership of the culture by showing up daily and be present within your culture.


Having a clearly defined culture that will inspire your team to greatness will help you achieve superior performance over the long run.