Customer Appreciation Programs are becoming more and more widely spread throughout our industry.

There is a multitude of creative ways to “Give Back” to our valuable and loyal clients. Whether is be a points system, dollars system or another creative way of keeping track of your client’s rewards, it all leads to more customer loyalty and happier clients.

Silent Partners has created many of these programs for our Salon/Spa clients and continues to design new and exciting ways to keep the clients “coming back for more”.

A few ways that Silent Partners can support you and your business is:

  • re-designing the look and feel of your business through marketing
  • recruit new clients
  • designing a service menu
  • strategize a marketing plan for promoting your salon/spa in the community


To take advantage of a 30 minute complimentary consultation contact me via email at [email protected] or 858.945.5800.

I am here to assist you in all your marketing needs!