Step 1: Identify what your goal or what you want to achieve through your employee appreciation program: Traditionally, when we think of recognizing our staff it’s based off of our team members reaching or exceeding set goals (retail sales, services totals, etc.)  How about recognizing your staff based on their actions, behaviors, approaches that you want to foster and reinforce within your salon/spa. In other words, establish employee recognition opportunities that embrace your salons beliefs and values. From outstanding customer service, team work, attendance just to name a few. When our team is focused on the salons/spa’s beliefs and values the entire team will reap the rewards.

Step 2:  Identify form of appreciation or recognition: You might be living in the world that to show your appreciation to your staff it must have a high ticket price tag.  This is misconception; employee recognition is best approached creatively.   Come on Salon/Spa Owners, get those creative juices flowing – remember you have an entire team of creative people on staff.  How about simply asking your team for their creative ideas and suggestions for appreciation and recognition ideas.  

Step 3:  Program consistency: The age old challenge with any type of ppreciation/recognition program is creating consistency and fairness. Salon/Spa team members need to see that each person on the team who makes the same or a similar contribution receives recognition for their efforts.  This means any and all team members are recognized and anyone who meets the criteria is then recognized.  From front desk, all service providers (hair, spa, nails, etc.), assistance, and dispensary staff, etc.

Step 4:  Recognize in a timely manner: When possible always recognize team members immediately.  Remember, today’s employees have grown up in a world of instant gratification.  Also, your employee is probably already feeling good about their performance; your timely recognition will only enhance their positive feelings.  Make it count!

Employees need to feel valued and appreciated.  When our employees give their lives to our salon/spa’s they feel part of a team and more importantly part of your family.  Showing appreciation, respect, and love will help build lifelong relationships.