The holidays are coming…is your salon/spa ready? Are you staffed adequately to handle the extra business brought on by the busiest time of year? The Holiday Season often puts undo-stress on your entire team, however, if we plan ahead and prepare for the demands that the busy season brings we can minimize the negative effects.

Avoid a repeat from previous years–stay clear of those last minute hires. Avoid hiring new team members to fill a chair, or a warm body to place behind the front desk. Too often when we are faced to do a “rush” hire it never works out! Perhaps it’s not the right fit for your team or the new hire doesn’t possess the skill set needed to handle the job. Whatever the reason is when this takes place it’s a lose – lose for the salon, for your team, for the new hire and most importantly for your salon/spa guests.

Approach this seasons hiring in a different manner. Have a plan of action, create a system for interviewing to make certain you find the perfect fit! It doesn’t matter if you’re hiring temporary help to assist you during the holidays or a long-term position. It’s imperative that you take the time and hold an effective interview. One of the most effective ways to find and hire the right person is to have a list of key interview questions at hand. Make certain that the questions only focus on the potential new hires skill set, but are their beliefs and values in alignment with your salon/spa’s culture.

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