A strong company culture could make it easier to hire and retain great team members for your salon/spa. The big question is: how exactly do you boost up your culture?

The culture of your salon/spa is largely shaped by the mindset and attitudes of each team member. With that said, it would only make sense if you want to strengthen or improve your company’s culture you need to get inside the heads of your team members. One powerful way to discover exactly what your team thinks is to ASK!

The only way to strengthen your culture is to have a clear and realistic understanding of what culture truly represents. Too often we often have a false interpretation of our culture. And for those that say “you don’t really have a culture,” I have news for you: Every business has a culture, and often a salon/spa’s culture will manifest all by its self.

Remember to regularly check in with your team about what they have to say about your salon/spas culture.

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