As we approach the Holiday season, which is the most profitable time of year for salons & spas, we wanted to find out exactly what was on holiday shoppers’ lists. A whopping 62% of gift recipients say that they want gift cards, making them the most-requested gift item among those celebrating the holiday season.

Gift card sales during the holiday season are a win-win; they not only generate additional holiday revenue for your business. Selling gift cards can potential increase your client count! 41% of customers trying a new business did so because they received a gift card. In addition, gift cards can generate additional income as when cards are redeemed customers will often spend a greater dollar amount than the cards value.

To make certain that your salon/spa is the #1 go to place for your customers and/or local holiday shoppers to purchase salon gift cards, make certain you develop an effective Holiday Gift Card campaign.

Helpful tips:

  • Strategically set up a gift card display near your salon/spa entrance. The display should grab customer’s attention, create interest and screams that your salon/spa’s gift cards are #1 gift choice this year!
  • Place station or shelf-talkers at each station/treatment room/common public areas such as; washrooms, changing areas, coat closets, etc.
  • Create a script that will empower your entire team to feel comfortable talking about your salon/spas gift cards.
  • Set up a POP (point of purchase) register for the sole purpose of gift card sales. This will make gift card shopping more convenient for salon/spa customers.
  • Offer Special Gift Wrapping as a value added service. Holiday gift givers will appreciate that you can turn their gift card into an eye catching gift. Offer a complimentary wrap and for a nominal amount shopper can opt to have their gift card wrapped in luxury!

Turn your salon/spa into the go to place for shoppers looking to purchase their family, friends and loved ones a gift card for the holiday season. Your friends at Empowering You would like to offer you this complimentary tool to help you boost your holiday gift card sales. Click below!


Until next time!