Gearing up for a busy holiday season – Educate staff on how to provide first class service


With less than 8 weeks away from your busiest season – now is the time to begin training your staff on the value and the importance of providing first class service even during the hectic holiday rush… 

As we all know the hectic holiday season can make even the best of us feel a little rushed, frazzled and may I say… even stressed. 

Providing excellent, friendly and efficient customer care can go a long ways in increasing those holiday sales and building long term relationships with your customers throughout the year.    

Ultimately, first class service is about going above and beyond your customer’s expectations.  Your team can achieve this simply by educating your guests that your salon and spa provides convenient ONE stop shopping.  That’s correct, unlike those big department stores and/or chain stories, you have a captive audience and you provide a powerful service to your guest, that’s called ONE STOP SHOPPING.

Educate your team on the value of ONE stop shopping.  Create scripts that will help all team members feel comfortable in educating guests on what your salon and spa has to offer during the holiday season. Remember, every guest that comes through your door has a holiday shopping list, you and your team can save them time and energy from running around town trying to find that perfect gift for their loved ones, friends and/or family members.   In addition it is imperative that your entire team knows your products inside and out.  So schedule a product knowledge refresher class with your product representatives before the holiday season is upon you.   

Follow these easy tips and WOW your guests with first class service during the hectic holiday season.