Make certain your entire team is talking Gift Certificates.  Word of mouth is an effective way to let your customers know that you offer Holiday Gift Certificates.

Another great way of marketing Gift Certificates is by offering a FREE gift with purchase.  Ideally the FREE gift should be around 10% of what the customer is spending on a Gift Certificate.

The gift could be a pre-made gift set or a second Gift Certificate.  Promoting the Gift Certificates with a special gift or second Gift Certificate will allow your customers to kill two birds with one stone! Two gifts for the price of one!

Gift Certificates Online:

Thanks to “Cyber Mondays”, more and more customers are making their holiday purchases online.  Offer your customers easy online Holiday Gift Certificates/Cards.   Send an email blast to your entire customer base inviting them to take advantage of your Salon/Spas “Cyber Day”. Offer an additional savings for 1 day only on holiday Gift Certificates/Cards.

It’s all in the Packaging:

Who doesn’t like to receive and open a beautifully wrapped gift?  Make certain you offer a beautiful gift card for the holidays.  There is nothing worse than purchasing a Gift Certificate/Card as a gift and receive it in an envelope.  Make certain, you offer your Holiday Gift Certificates/Cards in a beautiful gift box.

Express Check-out:

Create a check-out line just for customers to purchase their Gift Certificates during the holiday season.  Have Check-out line stocked with gift cards and gift boxes and/or wrapping. This express check-out will offer your customers truly one-stop shopping during the busy holidays.

Last Minute Shoppers:

Traditionally salons/spas have special holiday hours, however, keep in mind that a great deal of the 23.6 Billion dollars spent on Gift Certificates was purchased on Christmas Eve.  Keep your Salon/Spa retail centers open in the evening on Christmas Eve for those last minute shoppers.