In our day to day life within our salons/spas we are faced to deal and resolve conflict.  Conflict unfortunately is a natural part of any business or part of life, whether it’s dealing with internal customers (your salon/spa team) or your external customers (your salon/spa guests).  Conflict is brought on by our different beliefs, diverse backgrounds, life experiences, and values

In our role of salon/spa owners, managers or team leaders we must have an effective system in place to deal with how we handle these sticky situations when they do arise.  The downside to conflict in our salons/spas is it can be incredibly destructive to the entire team.    If we manage it in the wrong way, a simple challenge can spiral out of control, where co-operation breaks down and your teams’ mission and vision is threatened.  In order to calm these sticky situations down, it helps to take a positive approach to conflict resolve. 

Handle conflicts in a timely manner – The problem more than likely will not just go away.  So nip it in the bud ASAP.  As time marches on the challenge can get worse with time. 

Invite the other person to talk about the situation first – “Seek first to understand, then to be understood” – In other words, let the other person go first.  Communication is such a critical part of conflict resolve.  By letting the other person go first, you are

Listen with intent to truly hear – Communication is such a critical part of conflict resolve.  When listening you must approach the conversation with one intent.  To thoroughly hear the other person’s point of view. Follow up with statements such as, “I understand how you feel or help me understand why…”

Apologize – Apologize for your part in the conflict. Remember, usually everyone involved has some part in the challenge.  By apologizing you’re not accepting the entire blame; however, you are taking responsibility for your contribution.  Use statements like “I am so you feel that way or I apologize for… “

Develop a plan of action – Remember, no one wins!  Discuss what would be a positive outcome.  Develop several choices that would meet the overall objective.  Remember, we all like choices. 

Whether the conflict is with your staff or your salon/spa guests the end result is to get everyone back on track with little discomfort.  Remember, it is our role to create unity and balance and in that we will find true success.