Like most people, salon/spa owners and beauty professionals often play the comparison game.

“Why is that salon doing so well?”

“Why does that stylist have all the customers?”

But waiting around for something good to happen to us isn’t the best option. If you want to build something amazing, you need to put action behind it.

Here are some tips to rely on ACTION instead of LUCK.

Recognize the good and show gratitude. 

Remember all the good bits of your journey to success. We tend to only focus on the “bad luck” rather than the triumphs and celebrations, no matter how large or small they may have been. Recording the pieces of your life and journey allows you to chart what you’ve done successfully and reminds you to follow up on opportunities. Thank the universe for all the great fortunes you received. More will come to you if you do so!

Forget about superstition.

There is no lucky coin or rabbit’s foot that can guarantee success. If a great opportunity arises out of the blue, is that luck? No. It is a result of something you did or how it impacted something or someone. Much of what we consider simple good fortune can be explained if we look hard.

Be BOLD! Take the initiative.

“Fortune favors the bold.” No matter how you decipher it, you increase your odds of winning by stepping up to the plate, taking risks, and being in action. If you’ve been wanting to learn the latest techniques, then go out and do it. This can be technical knowledge or business knowledge – at the end of the day it all helps. Make lifelong learning a consistent part of your plan. Also, Make sure to network and get out there! Make friends and connections and they will lead to opportunity.

Leverage your team.

We cannot be superheroes all the time. Ask for help or delegate. Believe it or not, there are things you are doing that other people could do better than you – whether it’s because they have the time and focus or maybe it’s their expertise. When you are feeling overwhelmed and like “luck” is never going to come to you, stop and ask for help. There is no shame in having others help you towards success, especially if it means focusing on the part of business that you love.

Accept Failure.

Failure here and there is inevitable. The trick is to overcome your fear of failure so you can obtain many more opportunities to succeed. You will most likely hear no’s. If you don’t hear many no’s, then it means you’re not asking enough for the yeses. There is always the possibility of a yes as long as you ask. It’s not usually about luck; it’s about the numbers.

Learn from a Mentor. 

Especially if you’re a creative, consider how much you’d benefit from someone who is business-minded and organized. Pick a few successful mentors and imitate them. Their past performance and success stories are a reflection of systems that work. Don’t recreate the wheel – get the goods from a mentor!

Remember: Luck is not a plan.

If you want to be the true CEO of your business and life, you need to take ACTION. And we’d love to help.

How to take ACTION instead of waiting for luck.

We have two ways to help you start getting into action.

1) If you have a plan but have trouble getting started, I recommend you check out our Money Maker for Industry. It’s a yearly planner designed specifically for professionals in the beauty industry. Whether you are a service provider or an owner, this is an AMAZING tool to have to set and achieve your goals.

2.) If you need help creating a full plan that overcomes your biggest challenges, schedule a Strategy Session with an Empowering You Consultant and we’ll share the systems, tools, and resources that those “lucky” beauty professionals and salon and spa owners use to create the life and business of their dreams.

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