Do you ever wonder how you can find a great employee just like you? Some of the hardest things a salon owner has to do are recruit, hire and train a new employee.

How can you find the right personality and drive in an employee at the right time?

We have a few cool tips to get you on the pathway to success.

The first tip is to have a clear understanding of what you are looking for.

Having an assistant program in your salon helps keep you on track of when you will need a new team member. Sit down and create a hiring plan of when you will need new employees and what positions you will be looking for. The clearer the vision you have the more success you will get when you are recruiting.

The second tip would be to have a great relationship with the cosmetology schools in your area.

When the cosmetology schools have a good understanding of you and the culture of your salon, they then have an easier time selecting the students that would be a best match for you. I recommend visiting the schools once a month. Coordinate dates and times when you or someone from your team can present what your salon has to offer its employees, as well as what you are looking for in your employees.

The third tip is to have a recruiting package put together.

It is so nice to have a folder depicting the story of who your salon is. This package could include a menu, your vision, what you are looking for, benefits they can expect if they worked in your place, your point of difference, a sample of a product line you carry and an application. When schools tour your salon it is always fun to put together treat bags for the students. In these they might include a menu, coupon for services, candy, and a sample of a product. This makes the students feel very special!

The final tip will be to have a series of interviews for your new candidate to go through.

We recommend a minimum of three interviews for each new hire. Make sure you have questions to ask your candidate that help you decide if they are a great fit for you and your team. Once they have gone through all of the interviewing levels then we recommend them shadowing you or a team member for a day. This helps both you and the recruit see if they are a fit for the salon.

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