One of the biggest reasons why our team members don’t like to suggest take home products to their guest is the fear of the word “NO”.  Hearing the word “NO” is a common fear we all have.  Nobody likes to be rejected.  The word “NO” can be associated to the feeling of pain.  And we all want to avoid that uncomfortable feeling of pain. 

We need to create a new meaning for the word “NO”. What does it “NO” really mean?  It could mean the guest doesn’t have enough information to make an educated decision if they need the product.  It might mean at this particular time the guest doesn’t have enough money to purchase the products and the list goes on and on. 

In order for our team to create a new meaning of the word “no” we need to teach our team to shift their paradigm.  A simple way to teach them this shift in thinking is to have them understand their responsibility is to discover what their guests needs are and educate them on how to fulfill those needs.  Ultimately, it’s the guests job is to choose if they want to have the tools needed at home to duplicate their look. 

When team members can approach their jobs from a place of it’s not my job to sell, it is my job to educate and fulfill my guest’s needs they won’t be held back by the word “no”.