Or do you view it as a non-profit center within your salon/spa?

When most salon/spa owners are asked that very question, they would say I don’t really know. Did you know the front desk is the most under-utilized part of most salons/spas today? The reason for this is we are not putting enough training and energy into this area. There is a misconception in our industry that having a highly trained technical team is the only way to be profitable and owners spend thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours every year in technical training. While it is certainly true that this is important, it is a missed opportunity to not provide education and training to help turn your front desk into a profit center.
It all comes down to TRAINING
To make any area within your salon/spa a profit center you must have systems in place. Here are a few areas to consider creating training systems for your front desk.
Client Scripting – Create a consistence experience for your guests by developing customer service scripts that address everything from how to welcome guests into your business, make suggestions to add on services, re-book and be sure the client has been versed in your selection of products.
Scheduling and Managing the Books – Time is money and wasted time is lost money. It is imperative that front desk teams are trained on the meaning and value of each 15-minute time block in your appointment books. Empower them to fill today’s empty appointments, not next week's.
Phone Etiquette – It’s not just about answering the phone by the third ring… It’s much, much more! Servicing guests via the telephone is one of the most challenging areas of customer service. Train your team on how to answer the phone, place calls on hold, re-direct calls, take messages, and answer service and product inquires to WOW your guests.
Retail Sales – Your front desk team should be your retail “assist” team. What would it do for your business if your front desk team added just $10.00 of additional revenue to each service ticket? They may be the last person your clients are in contact with and can be in the perfect opportunity to assist guests with their home-care needs. Provide training in retailing, product knowledge and product merchandising.
Client Satisfaction – The front desk team is the first and the last person your client see. They truly leave a lasting impression on your visitors. Train them on creating a courteous and professional experience for all of your clients that fits into your brand, company culture, and mission statement.

Start today…. In order to turn your front desk into a truly lucrative profit center, you must develop a consistent training system for your team to live by every day. Be sure to keep your eye open for our mid-month training tip.