Pre-Meeting Planning:

Begin by creating an effective plan of action for your meetings. Know what you want to discuss and focus on – once you have a clear picture it’s time to create your agenda. They key to creating an inviting agenda is to make certain that there is something on the agenda for each team member, whether you’re a stylist, nail technician, esthetician, front desk team, etc. This will engage and excite the entire team. There is a simple rule to follow – when you want to engage someone you must first get their interest, so “tell them what you’re going to tell them (agenda)… tell them (the actual meeting)… and then tell them what you just told them (your follow-up to your meeting). Be certain to distribute your agenda to your team a few days prior to the meeting. Begin the process of getting your staff excited and looking forward to your meeting, rather than dreading it!

Day of Meeting Set-up:

Make it look like it’s a celebration. Everyone loves to go to a party. Set up your meeting area that is inviting… Offer beverages, snacks, sweets, etc.

  1. Start and End on time – We must lead by example. If we don’t want your team coming in late then you must mirror the process. It’s a simple theory – If you allow your team to think the meetings never start on time, they will never show up on time.
  2. Begin your meeting with an Icebreaker –Get all team members engaged from the beginning of the meeting. An Icebreaker will get your team up and active and get them all on the same page….YOUR page! You can find suggestions for hundreds of fun and easy Icebreakers on the internet.
  3. Celebrate – At each meeting celebrate your team’s successes. Share success stories, or feedback that you have received from salon/spa guests. Make it a PARTY… However, make certain not to celebrate the same group of individuals at each meeting. This will cause other team members to lose interest and not stay engaged.
  4. Get everyone involved – During the meeting you must get your entire team involved. Don’t just allow your social butterflies to control it; you know whom I’m referring too -that one dominant staff member that takes control. Make certain you give all team members a voice. Don’t just talk at them; get them involved by doing activities that support your agenda topics.
  5. Take Minutes – At the beginning of each meeting draw names for a team member that will be responsible for taking salon meeting notes/minutes. Reward team member at the end of the meeting with a small token of appreciation for their supporting you with minute taking.
  6. End your meeting with a wrap –up activity– End your meetings powerfully and always on the positive side. At the end of your meetings have a warm-fuzzy wrap-up activity planned. The purpose of this is to create team unity, a feel good environment and your team talking about meetings in a positive manner.
  7. Post Meeting Follow-up – Collect your Salon/Spa meeting minutes and put your plan into action on items that need follow-up. By living in your commitments to your team you will not only earn their respect, but team members will see the value of attending meetings.