Marketing Your Holiday Open House- with Free tool! Tis the season! As the holiday’s season quickly approaches – it’s time to start planning your Holiday Open House. In the beginning phases of planning don’t forget to consider how you will get the “word out” about your Holiday Open House. In order to have a profitable Open House you will need to reach as many customers as possible. Remember, you have a golden opportunity to so appreciate to your existing customers, but don’t forget it’s a powerful opportunity to attract new customers. Things to consider: How will you get the word out? How will you create the BUZZ? What will attract new and existing customers to your event? Use a powerful combination of marketing vehicles to drive traffic to your event. Often it can take up to 3 times of hearing and/or seeing something to make it stick! Don’t simply rely on one way to invite your guests. Helpful marketing vehicles: Email blasts to your entire customer base Social Media posts to generate the buzz In Salon/Spa signage My favorite: a personal invite from you and your staff Click the link below for your free Holiday Open House invite template. May your holidays be filled with much happiness, team spirit and a very profitable Holiday Open house!