Perform a powerful guest consultation before you begin any service an win a guest for life! The guest consultation is one of the most important elements of your guests experience in the salon/spa. Why? First of all, it helps sets the tone for your guest’s entire experience, it helps determine trust levels within just a few minutes, and it takes your service level from simply meeting their expectations to exceeding them! An effective guest consultation is a powerful system that will enable you to go above and beyond their expectations. Communication plays an important role in discovering what our guest’s needs and wants are. The guest’s consultation is a system that will provide you with a scripted directions that allows you to hear exactly what your guest needs and wants are and from there you can make powerful recommendations based off what you heard your guest tell you versus what you think he/she wants. There is a misconception that guests know exactly what they want when they book their appointments. Often they will book an appointment based off of what they think they need. It’s important to remember they are not the professional, we are and it’s important that we take the necessary time to conduct a thorough guest’s consultation before each and every service. When we take the extra time to dive-in a little deeper and ask a series of probing questions we will then discover what our guests really want. A great consultation is the key to winning and keeping our guests for life. For more information and/or training on the power of an effective Guest Consultation please check out our Tech Success Program, created for service providers just like yourself to increase revenue behind the chair/treatment room.