When was the last time you took a good look at your salon/spa numbers? I understand that tracking numbers can be a tedious and is the less exciting part of our business.

Knowing your numbers is extremely beneficial to you and your team. That’s correct; it’s two fold…profits are the key to any successful business the only true way to know your numbers is by tracking them. How else will you know if your salon/spa is profitable? Tracking numbers can be extremely motivating to your team. When your staff knows their numbers it can help keep them motivated and on track.

The key to motivating your staff isn’t to just print out the numbers and stick them somewhere on a wall in the backroom. It’s about empowering your staff to keep track of their own numbers on a daily basis. Everyone in the salon/spa needs to keep their eye on the prize…the prize being meeting key benchmarks. Meeting those key benchmarks means more salon/spa revenue for the salon and for them personally.