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Are you all planned out for 2015? Perhaps you have your marketing/advertising plan created, your 2015 business goals, and your team goals. Well, don’t stop there! Do you have your education plan created for 2015?


Just as you need a plan to reach your 2015 profit margins, you will need to have an education/training plan to help build your team’s strengths. Continued education for your team will translate to more clients and ultimately more income for your salon/spa. 


Map Out a Plan – The first thing you’ll want to do is identify the type of education your team needs to focus on for the first 6 months. Now remember, it just doesn’t have to be technical training, even though technical training is vital.


Consider the following:

  • Technical: focus on the latest trends for the season.
  • Soft Skills: communication, client consultations, rebooking, asking for referrals, sales, etc.
  • Customer Service: WOW customer care
  • Front Desk Training: Don’t forget the most important area within the salon/spa–your front desk team!
  • Product Knowledge


Remember, a powerful place to start to build your roadmap is by simply asking your team members what areas they would like some personal & professional growth in this year. You might be pleasantly surprised by what they have to tell you! So, keep your ears and mind open!