Follow this easy formula to train your staff on just about anything in your Salon/Spa.  Simply follow the tell them what you’re going to tell them, tell them and tell them what you just told them” method. 


  1.  Tell Them What You’re Going To Tell Them

Tell your employee or trainee what he/she is going to learn in their training session.  Make certain you review the WHY they need to know the information and how it will have an impact on their daily responsibilities in the salon and spa.


  1.  Tell Them

Step 2 is where you actually teach them the new skill set.  It may include a demonstration or hands-on activities.  Remember, everyone learns in a different manner.  Make certain you provide the steps to the new skill set in a bullet pointed system for your analytical learner, something hands-on for your Kinetic learner and something visual for your visual learners.


  1.  Tell Them What You Just Told Them 

At the end of your training session it is important that you take the time for a review.  This is where you will tell them what you just told them.  Go over with your employee or trainee everything that they learned;   make certain you focus on the important steps of their new skill set.  Ask clarifying questions to make certain your team member in training retained their new learned skill.