The end of the year is a perfect time to reflect on your businesses’ progress over the past year and begin to plan how you want your business to develop for the New Year. It’s time to make some decisions to ensure that your Salon/Spa is prospers in 2012.

Helpful end of year steps to help get your 2012 year off to a good start.

Examine your Financials – The first step is you must get your financials in order. Either prepare them yourself or have them prepared for you. In order to set new financial goal you must have real life numbers from 2011. Without these it will be impossible to set 2012 bench marks. By analyzing your Profit & Loss Statement you can review your total net sales (revenues), cost of sales, gross profit, profit margin, controllable expenses, as well as fixed expenses. The details you will want to pay close attention to is the percentage of each item to Total Net Sales. This percentage is your key to determining whether any cost item is out of line.


Review last year’s Goals – Don’t just jump and begin creating your 2012 goals. Begin this process by reviewing your 2011 goals and compare your financial successes. A key question to ask yourself is “Did your business accomplish what you set out to do?” “Did it meet your 2011 finical goals?” Even though these questions can be painful, these important questions will assist you in creating a new action plan for 2012.

Planning for the coming year – Now that you have a clear picture of your successes and perhaps areas of opportunities, you can begin to do some business planning for the New Year. Things to consider:

Set clearly defined 2012 year’s goals. Implement an action plan for each goal and create deadlines for each action step.

And lastly, as we finish up another wonderful year, begin to live in your 2012 goals. With a little planning and organization your Business New Year’s Resolutions for 2012 will be a huge success.