Do you ever feel like you’re the plate spinner trying to balance everything and making sure things don’t come crashing down?

Maybe you’ve thought to yourself, “It would be easier if I just did it myself” or “I don’t have time to train a manager.”

These are signs that you are in need of some structure in your business. Things shouldn’t have to be chaotic all the time, we have to put systems in place to make sure everyone has the right role.

By hiring the right manager, or training the one you have, you get to have your time back and focus on things that only you can do.


Watch this training to see the 12 signs of why you actually need a manager in your business and have a checklist of what their role should look like:

Hiring the right people takes time, the right questions, and a healthy dose of curiosity.” – Richard Branson

Look at all the aspects of your business. Marketing, training, sales, finances, inventory, HR, etc; how often are you spending time in these areas? If the answer is all the time, then it’s time to reassess your role and bring in a great leader to help out.

If you already have a manager, what kind would your business look like if they had the right leadership training and the right tools to grow your business?

As owners, it’s our job to provide an environment for our manager that sets them up to think and understand the bigger picture. Wouldn’t it be great to trust that your manager is always thinking about how to achieve that next step in reaching your business’s goals?

Great leadership helps shape our business.

If you had the right manager in your business with systems put in place, what would you do with your extra free time? You could get tasks done that have been put on the back burner, you could balance your budgets, you could finally have proper one-on-one meetings with your team, or better yet, take a much needed vacation for yourself!

It’s important to remember as owners, we are only one person. We cannot support everyone all the time, we can’t be everywhere all the time, and we cannot be experts at everything.

Are you needing some guidance on what a manager’s role should be? Download our Manager Job Description Tool and finally be able to hire the perfect person to help your business thrive.

If you need some more guidance, sign up today for a free strategy session and see how we can help design a map to success for you and your business.

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