Up-selling, prebooking, and retailing are probably terms that you are quite familiar with; these terms have been around for years. More than likely when you were in school, your instructor taught a lesson or two around these skills. As you began working in your first salon or spa, the owner or manager probably talked about the importance of these skills, and during advanced training other educators may have also emphasized these points.

My question is, have you implemented systems to ensure up-selling, prebooking, and retailing a part of your daily routine?

If not, then you’re not doing them frequently enough OR not doing them very effectively. And oftentimes we let fear, lack of confidence, and ego affect our follow-through… which means we’re missing out on money that we could be earning.

By integrating systems around these key revenue areas into your day, you not only will see increased revenue, but you will be up-leveling the quality of customer service you provide to your clients.

Watch this month’s video to learn more about how to make up-selling, prebooking, and retailing part of your everyday routine.

Remember these things:


It’s an opportunity to take a product or service that typically might not yield a ton of profit, and turn it around into a money maker. If you don’t ask, the answer will always be no. But if you ask, then you’ll be raising the value of your time with each client that says yes.


Asking your clients to book their next appointment before they leave the salon/spa during the check-out process is a natural, no-pressure sale that gives you control over your business. You won’t have to leave your appointments up to chance.


Retailing is all about educating your client on how to duplicate their look at home. It’s about serving, not selling! However, it does generate a great deal of extra money. The next time you pick up a product and use it on your client, stop and educate them. Share why you are using it and how they would use it at home. It’s a win, win!

We’ve included a few scripts that can help you with prebooking and up-selling. Click here for this month’s complimentary tool.

If you modify your daily interactions with clients to include more up-selling, prebooking, and retailing, you WILL see a boost in revenue. You just need to be consistent about it with every customer.

If you need additional help with integrating this into your daily routine, sign up for a complimentary Strategy Session with one of our certified coaches so we can work with you one-on-one and take your client interactions to the next level.